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Stop ThiefThe no-goodniks are back and posing as truck drivers to steal almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and other nuts from producers in Tulare County and elsewhere.

A single load can be worth over $300,000, making these cargos tempting targets for thieves. Roger Isom, president of the Fresno-based Western Agricultural Processors Association believes most of the crimes are tied to a Los Angeles-based crime syndicate. Many thieves are able to re-create realistic looking documents from the Internet and pose as truck drivers, and they quite literally drive off the lot with their ill-gotten gains.

Cargo thieves also target cattle – in November 2015, four Tulare County individuals were arrested and charged with dairy calf theft.

Overweight Violations

Regardless of the type of cargo being hauled, all truckers must comply with strict weight requirements. The rules vary based on the type of vehicle and the type of surface. The total bail fee (fine, penalty assessments, and add-ons) varies from $160 to over $8,000 in some cases. Typically, overweight tickets also affect driver SMS scores, which could mean failure to land a job, higher insurance premiums, or both.

Overweight violations resemble fix-it tickets in many respects. The inspector often issues a citation then gives the driver a chance to off-load some cargo or otherwise get under the limit. Many times, the citation remains on the driver’s record even if the operator takes care of the violation, so there is a good chance that your score is artificially high.

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