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classroomTwo California assemblymembers want to change the rules for traffic school in The Golden State. Does their proposal have any significance for drivers passing through Independence and Bishop?

Santa Monica Democrat Richard Bloom and San Francisco Democrat David Chiu recently introduced Assembly Bill 902, which would make traffic school available to more bicycle riders. One advocate, Robert Prinz, says the proposal would “turn these tickets into valuable educational opportunities.” There are plans to expand the program beyond just traffic school, and create a forum where all riders can learn the rules of the road.

A few places on the coast, such as Huntington Beach and Marin County, offered some limited services for bicyclists, but they shut down due to the prohibition in the vehicle code.

Traffic School

It’s a pretty safe bet that Mr. Prinz hasn’t been to traffic school recently, unless he equates clicking a mouse or dozing through a live presentation with an “educational opportunity.” Although there usually are a few gold nuggets in the stream that you can use on the road, for the most part, traffic school is just something to endure.

There are some rules to follow, and this order from San Diego is a pretty typical run-down. First and foremost, make sure you enroll in a currently-approved class, and this list changes pretty much monthly. Furthermore, there are some general eligibility requirements:

  • Speeding over 20 mph: There is sometimes a little wiggle-room in this requirement, especially if the judge sees that you have a lawyer and are taking the violation seriously.
  • 18 Months: The law is a bit unclear whether the year and a half starts on the date you received your previous citation or the date you completed traffic school, but in most cases, it begins at the violation.
  • Commercial Drivers: Sometimes CDL holders can take traffic school to escape the fine, but traffic school never erases their DMV records.

Be sure and follow through, because most judges don’t accept excuses like “I didn’t have time” or “I didn’t have the money.”

Getting Legal Help

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