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RIP James DeanOn September 29, 1955, 24-year-old actor James Dean was killed in a speed-related motorcycle accident.
Mr. Dean was travelling about 85 mph when he crashed into a Ford station wagon near at the junction of Hwy 41 and Hwy 46. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Earlier that day, he received a speeding ticket for driving 65 mph in a 55 mph zone.
Though his academic record was unspectacular, Mr. Dean was originally a pre-law major at Santa Monica College. He went on to star in three films, receiving posthumous Oscar nominations for his performances in East of Eden and Giant.

Motorists who drive at 30 mph over the speed limit on some stretches of Interstate 5 receive a super speeder ticket for driving over 100 mph. It's very difficult to stick to the speed limit on a wide open road with no major towns for 300 miles, especially for traveling on long drives from Los Angeles or San Francisco. CHP officers know this to be true, and it's not unusual to see a line of cars and trucks pulled over onto the side of the road with a police cruiser immediately behind them.
Highway 46, so close to where Mr. Dean was tragically killed, is no longer just a two lane highway. Now there are wide open stretches of beautiful smooth pavement on the newly installed divided highway near Lost Hills. This has become another place where CHP officers wait to catch those who get tired of driving slow on long stretches and seek to make faster time.
VC 22348(b) has much higher fines than the regular speeding law. The maximum fine for a first offense is a whopping $500; with penalty assessments and other costs, the actual amount can exceed $2,000. The dollar cost is just the beginning:

  • License Suspension: If convicted, you can lose your license for a minimum of 30 days. You'll then have to pay steep reinstatement fees to get it back.
  • Insurance Premiums: Some underwriters see super-speeder violations as akin to reckless driving tickets. Your rates may skyrocket.
  • Traffic School: The government takes a dim view of super-speeder tickets. Traffic School or other pre-trial diversion programs to keep this conviction off your record, are not allowed.
  • An attorney regularly practicing in Lamont and Shafter and Fresno can get the fine and/or points reduced on a super-speeder ticket, saving you hundreds of dollars.
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