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cop carA Virginia State Trooper who was bad-mouthed by one motorist too many filed a $1.35 million civil suit, in an important object lesson for some drivers on some stretches of Interstate 5.

At the start of the Memorial Day Weekend in 2012, Nathan Cox sped by three trooper cars in a row on Interstate 295, in much the same manner as the CHP deploys between Mojave and the Nevada border. Melanie McKenney ordered Mr. Cox to get out of the vehicle because, according to court documents, “the defendant was holding an object (above her head at times) which could be used as a weapon.” That “object” was a cellphone that Mr. Cox used to record the stop. He subsequently posted the video online, and called Trooper McKenney “crazy” during the commentary.

She claimed that the video, which has received over 600,000 hits, damaged her reputation.

Behavior During a Stop

No matter how many times I post on this topic, some people still don’t get the message. We are all understandably upset when we get pulled over, especially if the officers are arrayed in speed trap formation and seem determined to pull over as many motorists as possible, sometimes for ticky-tack violations.

But none of these circumstances ever justifies poor behavior. Any reaction that can be construed as combative or uncooperative may not result in a defamation lawsuit, but it will almost certainly make a bad situation worse. Remember the Google Glass ticket that made headlines about a year and a half ago? Reportedly, the officer did not intend to give Cecilia Abadie a ticket, but she was argumentative during the stop, and that attitude changed his mind.

Play it cool, be polite, and don’t say anything that will incriminate yourself. Then hire experienced traffic lawyers to fight your case in Lamont or Shafter.

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