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cross walkA version of the flying car appeared much sooner than expected at a busy intersection in Irvine.

The small, one-engine prop plane carried a student flyer and instructor from nearby John Wayne Airport. When the plane experience engine trouble, it had to make an emergency landing at a four-way red light intersection. The video is actually pretty cool. The plane coasts through the intersection on green, and then all the traffic proceeds normally as if nothing had happened.

There were no traffic accidents and no one was injured.

Speed Limits on Side Streets

It may come as a surprise to some, but California streets are actually designed and engineered for land vehicles and not airplanes, though it is very good to know that they can be used that way in an emergency.

In a previous post, we looked at the 85th percentile rule for setting speed limits. On non-highways, the same rule applies, with a few added twists:

  • Blind Intersections: If visibility is less than 100 feet and there are no stop signs, the speed limit is 15mph.
  • Alleys: The same speed limit applies in paved alleys, one lane parking lot access ways, and other similar roads.
  • Business and Residential Districts: The default speed limit is 25mph unless there are signs indicating otherwise, so there are neighborhoods in Delano and Porterville where the speed limit on a three or four-lane road is 25mph.

There are also reduced speed limits – usually 15mph – in school zones, railroad crossings, and near some animal pens.

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