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seat beltThirteen years ago in September, the father of the three-point seat belt died of a heart attack at age 82.

The Swedish engineer began his inventing career developing ejector seats for Saab aircraft in the early 1950s; he became the Volvo Car Corporation’s first safety engineer in 1958. It was there he designed a safety harness that he felt combined safety and comfort. He observed at the time that “The pilots I worked with in the aerospace industry were willing to put on almost anything to keep them safe in case of a crash, but regular people in cars don’t want to be uncomfortable even for a minute.” The harness was standard equipment in Volvo cars by 1959, and the car company shared his invention with other automakers for free.

The U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that Mr. Bohlin’s invention reduced auto crash fatalities by at least 50 percent.

Non-Point Safety Violations

No seat belt tickets and other safety-related violations have much steeper fines than they used to have because of penalty assessments and indirect costs. Moreover, since they are non-moving violations, traffic school is not an option in most Fresno and Kern County courts and insurance is where you will probably end up with a hit.

Some of the more common non-point safety violations include:

  • No Seat Belt (VC 27315): All occupants 16 and over must be buckled, and the driver is responsible for all passengers.
  • Headlights (VC 24400): This law is rather subjective. Headlamps must be used in low-visibility conditions, like fog, darkness, rain, or drizzle, or if necessary to get other drivers’ attention.
  • Cell Phone (VC 23123 et seq): It is illegal for all drivers to text and drive; operators over 18 may talk on a hands-free cellphone.
  • Smoking in a Vehicle with a Minor (Senate Bill 7): This infraction carries a $100 base fine. This infraction is a secondary violation, meaning that drivers cannot be pulled over solely for VC violations.

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