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gas pumpState officials gutted the proposed Senate Bill 350, removing the provisions which required a 50 percent petroleum reduction in Mojave and Apple Valley by 2030.

Governor Brown relented under pressure from oil companies, Republicans, and moderate Democrats. While ditching the requirement for less driving, the Governor still intends to push more sustainable energy sources, like solar and wind powered electricity and lower carbon fossil fuels. Many legislators were scared off by the cost of the proposal. Assemblyman Jim Cooper mused that the mandatory reduction would cause gas prices to skyrocket, and poorer families would be hardest hit.

Despite the setback, Governor Brown promised to forge ahead with his climate agenda. “The only thing different is my zeal has been intensified to a maximum degree,” he vowed.

Relief for Drivers?

Governor Brown is extremely sympathetic to lower-income drivers. Just a few months ago, he called penalty assessments “a hellhole of desperation” for many people. But this sympathy obviously goes only so far, as he was apparently determined to reduce oil consumption even if it meant higher pump prices.

The fact is that politicians are not on your side when it comes to penalty assessments and add-ons. But an attorney is in your corner: your lawyer’s sole interest is the best possible outcome under the circumstances, and that always means a vigorous defense in traffic court.

Getting Legal Help

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