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A traffic ticket is the leading cause of deportation proceedings in America.

A traffic ticket is sufficient to trigger the Immigration and Custom Enforcement's definition of "criminal behavior." In fact, using the ICE standard, a substantial majority of Americans may have a criminal record. Nationwide, the two largest categories are traffic tickets (up 191 percent since 2008) and simple misdemeanor illegal entry (up 167 percent). Only 12 percent of removal proceedings involved the most serious Level One offense.

The numbers are somewhat less extreme here in California, where the new TRUST Act reduces the number of undocumented immigrants who are turned over to ICE following a traffic ticket.

A deportation proceeding is just one example of the legal effects of your traffic ticket in Kern County. Many criminal proceedings begin when the officer pulls you over for a traffic ticket.

A Kern County attorney can evaluate the facts and law in your case and give you the best possible defense to the charges against you.

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