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Commercial drivers have more responsibility than passenger vehicle drivers. In addition to getting their cargo to its final destination on time, keeping driving logs, taking regular breaks, and ensuring that their cargo isn't damaged in transit, they also must ensure that the weight of the truck and cargo are within the weight limits for California roads.

Weight limits for loaded commercial vehicles are set in order to protect California roadways from damage, and the penalties for an overweight truck can be harsh - as much as a couple thousand dollars.

According to Vehicle Code § 42030(a), the fines start out small. For up to 1,000 pounds over the weight limit for a single axle, the fine is as low as $20 before fees are added. That standard doesn't apply to many trucks, however, as most trucks have more than one axle. A fine for a typical overweight truck can range from $500 to the thousands of dollars.

Some commercial trucking companies cover the fines for their drivers, but others drivers are independent, called "owner operators," and may have to shoulder the burden of the fine themselves. In either case, when a truck driver is cited with an overweight ticket, the ticket goes on the driver's records and can result in firing from the company and/or a possible suspension of the commercial license.

Commercial truck drivers cannot afford to have an overweight citation on their record. If you have received one of these tickets, you should obtain legal representation to fight and win your case. An experienced traffic ticket attorney can help you get the fines reduced, possibility dismissed and keep your driving record clean.

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