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undefinedSpeeding is a common minor infraction, but 100+ mph speeding is a major infraction with severe financial penalties and more. 

California Superior Court judges take these violations seriously, and so should drivers. We've seen firsthand the significant repercussions of this offense and are committed to guiding our clients through these challenging situations.

The Real Consequences of 100+ MPH Speeding

The aftermath of a 100+ mph speeding ticket isn't just a minor inconvenience; it can have lasting implications on your driving privileges and financial well-being. 

Here are the four consequences you're facing if convicted:

  1. A massive fine ranging from $859 to $2,137.
  2. Two NOTS points that linger on your driving record for up to seven years. This places you in a precarious situation where you're just one misstep away from a six-month suspension and a twelve-month probationary period.
  3. Regarding suspensions, the CA traffic code authorizes the judge to immediately suspend a driver’s driving privileges for up to 30 days.
  4. Your auto insurance premium could double or triple. Considering the average CA driver pays $2,200annually for full coverage, that could be a hefty increase. 

These consequences underscore the severity of 100+ mph speeding and the importance of proactive measures, like consulting a traffic attorney about your options.

Why Having a Traffic Attorney on Your Side Is Essential

Facing the legal system alone can be confusing and intimidating. 

That's where we come in. For those concerned about navigating the intricacies of the courtroom, we demystify the process. 

We break down the legal jargon into straightforward terms so you can fully grasp the situation. We use a flat fee so that you understand precisely how much our fee will be and what you can expect.

Moreover, hiring us can save you the inconvenience of missing work or school to attend mandatory court appearances. You won't have to wait in court, anticipating your turn; we'll handle everything for you. Even though Bridgeport Courthouse is a national treasure, you won’t think so if you sit there all day. 

Most importantly, our primary objective is to advocate for your best interests. We'll endeavor to persuade the judge to consider reducing the charges to a less severe infraction

A 100+ mph speeding ticket isn't something you should tackle alone. Lean on us, your trusted traffic attorneys, to guide, represent, and champion you every step of the way. Your future driving privileges and family budget may very likely depend on it. 

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