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undefinedThe commercial driving industry has long been male-dominated, but the history and achievements of women in this field are worthy of recognition. 

Although women were initially welcomed into the industry during periods of driver shortage, they often encountered skepticism and discrimination.

Breaking the Barriers: Women in Commercial Driving

Women have been involved in commercial driving since its earliest days, albeit in smaller numbers, often facing formidable challenges getting and keeping their driving jobs in the trucking industry. The first was a woman who chose to step up in the men’s absence during WWI.

“Luella Bates, credited with being the first female commercial truck driver, was a promotional driver and test drove Model B trucks. She was also known for being a mechanic and truck inspector.”Carter Express.

Elizabeth McGee Drennan was likely the first woman owner of a commercial trucking fleet. Although she and her husband started the fleet, she became sole owner after the divorce and continued to manage her successful business and driver from time-to-time.

A lesser-known chapter in commercial driving history involves women flatbed truckers. Flatbed trucking is a particularly tough job that demands both driving skills and physical strength. Not only must the driver ensure safe transportation, but they must also secure the load properly, which can be physically demanding.

“Women in Trucking recently spotlighted the remarkable history of Charlotte Bridgwood, whose windshield wiper invention revolutionized driving experiences for everyone. Discovering Bridgwood's story is a fascinating journey into automotive history and a testament to her innovative spirit in striving to enhance everyday technologies.”Work Truck Online.

Flatbed Trucking: Not Just a Man's Game

Flatbed trucking is no walk in the park, and women in this role have risen to the challenge admirably. 

Ensuring the load is properly secured on a flatbed truck is an art and a science in itself. Any mistakes can result in loads shifting during transport, or worse, causing potential road hazards. Loose tarps or tie-downs flapping in the breeze are a sure way to attract a law enforcement officer's (LEO) attention, leading to fines, citations, and a mark on the driver's commercial driver’s license (CDL) and Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) record.

Many women in the industry have mastered this intricate skill, handling flatbed loads with precision and care. Their dedication and attention to detail have resulted in fewer accidents and traffic violations, debunking the myth that commercial driving, particularly flatbed trucking, is a “man's world.”

The Future of Women in Commercial Driving

Over the years, women in commercial driving have broken barriers, challenged stereotypes, and paved the way for future generations. They have proven that women can excel in a tough industry, handling everything from cross-country hauls to the intricate art of securing flatbed loads.

However, their path, like their male counterparts, has legal challenges. Traffic violations can impact their driving records and livelihoods. This is where the CA traffic law firm of Bigger & Harman, APC, can help. We have a long history of supporting commercial drivers in legal disputes, helping them protect their rights and their careers.

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