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undefinedIf you're cited for speeding 100+ mph in Delano, CA, the road ahead can be littered with uncertainty and potential financial hardships. 

Driving comes with a set of rules and regulations we all need to adhere to, especially in terms of speed. When those limits are disregarded, the consequences can be severe. Always consult a traffic attorney before you make a final decision that could destroy your budget and your reputation.

Speeding 100+ MPH Has a Mandatory Court Appearance

A speeding ticket is more than just an inconvenience; it's a complex legal matter. 

When you're charged with speeding 100+ mph, a mandatory court appearance is a requirement, not an option. In fact, when Delano Court sends you a notice, it is a notice to be there on that particular day instead of the usual information on how you can contact the court by the due date to pay the fine or get an extension. This is not a matter you can simply resolve by paying a fine. The judge wants to look you in the eye before deciding on your fate. This alone can be a nerve-wracking experience, and it's only one facet of what lies ahead.

However, you can avoid this narrative by hiring a traffic attorney to represent you in Delano Traffic Court. A traffic attorney can also negotiate possible reduced charges or penalties, or request a outright dismissal when there are technicalities that warrant it.

The State of California has decided that such excessive speeds puts you and others at significant risk. Consequently, California law enforces strict penalties for those convicted of speeding 100+ mph. A conviction could mean a hefty fine, ranging from $859 to $2,137

Moreover, it comes with two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points added to your driving record, which can have detrimental implications on your driving privileges and insurance rates for the next seven years.

Having two NOTS points on your record for speeding 100+ mph could potentially double or even triple your auto insurance premiums. This financial strain, coupled with the hefty fine, can quickly add up, leading to an economic burden that lasts years beyond your court date.

Perhaps the most severe repercussion of a speeding 100+ mph conviction is the potential suspension of your driving privileges—especially in rural Delano where there’s little in the way of public transportation. 

Under CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22348, the judge has discretion to suspend your license for up to 30 days for a first-time conviction. This can disrupt not only your daily routine but also your livelihood, particularly if you rely on your vehicle for work.

Despite these grim consequences, it's essential to remember that a citation for speeding 100+ mph is not a conviction. With the right legal representation, there is a chance to challenge the charges or potentially reduce the penalties. An experienced traffic attorney can provide a strategic defense and guide you through the complex legal process.

The Bigger & Harman CA Traffic Defense Team in Bakersfield are knowledgeable and experienced at defending speeding 100+ mph tickets. We have successfully represented numerous drivers charged with speeding 100+ mph. 

“I got a speeding ticket 100+ MPH. Sent in my information to Bigger & Harman and they were ready to handle it from the beginning. I knew it was a tough ticket and truly I would be giving them 5 stars regardless of the outcome because their service was 10/10. They kept me updated throughout the process and were kind and professional. I trusted them and would recommend them to anyone.

Oh yeah, and my ticket was Dismissed!!”— 3/18/2023 Tuesday M., Moreno Valley.

We understand the stress and worry you're likely feeling right now. Our team is dedicated to advocating for you, challenging the charges, and striving to prevent these harsh penalties from upending your budget and your life.

Don't navigate this complex situation alone. Let us provide the expert legal representation you need. Contact the Bigger & Harman CA Traffic Ticket Defense Team today to discuss your case. We'll stand by your side, offering experienced and diligent representation every step of the way. 

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