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undefinedReceiving a stop sign ticket can be both frustrating and costly. Understanding the legal framework surrounding such citations is essential to challenge them effectively. 

When they pay the fine for a stop sign ticket, it is only about $237, and they think, “That wasn’t so bad. It hurts, but we’ll survive.”

Then, when their auto insurance provider learns of their conviction (and that’s what a paid fine is), they will take your “good driver’s discount,” if the driver is not eligible for traffic violator’s school (TVS) and raise the premium another 10-12% for three years. That makes it costly, and many drivers don’t consider it before paying the fine.

By the way, they should always consult a traffic attorney before they plead guilty and attend TVS because there are many variables.

For instance, a driver can only use it once within 18 months. There is a court-ordered completion date, not all tickets are eligible to be kept private, away from their insurance provider, and only minor infractions in a non-commercial vehicle (Lyft and Uber drivers might not be eligible), it won’t help with multiple tickets and more. Ask a traffic attorney.

In this blog post, we'll examine the intricacies of a stop sign ticket in CA and the benefits of having an experienced traffic attorney resolve your ticket.

Understanding the Nuances of a Stop Sign Ticket

In California, traffic laws mandate that every driver come to a complete stop at a stop sign. 

However, many drivers do not understand the states definition of a "complete stop." Often, drivers roll through a stop sign, thinking they've abided by the law, only to receive a ticket. Here's a breakdown of some of the complexities:

  • Complete Stop Requirement: The law demands that drivers halt entirely, ceasing all motion before proceeding.
  • Right Turn on Red: While it's legal in many instances to make a right turn after stopping at a red light, the complete stop rule still applies.
  • CA traffic law also requires the driver to stop behind the pedestrian crosswalk, limit line, or before the entrance to the intersection.

For more information, consult CVC Section 22450Special Stops Required.

Prevention: Possibly Dodging a Stop Sign Ticket

Avoiding a stop sign ticket involves both awareness and defensive driving:

  • Always Stop Completely: Make it a habit to halt entirely, ensuring the vehicle is motionless.
  • Be Aware of the Sign's Location: Some stop signs are placed farther back from the intersection. Ensure you stop at the sign and again before entering the intersection if visibility demands it.
  • Avoid Distractions: Focus on the road, steering clear of mobile phones and other distractions.
  • Drive Defensively: Anticipate the actions of other drivers and be prepared to react appropriately.

By staying vigilant and practicing defensive driving, you can significantly reduce your risk of receiving a stop sign ticket.

However, when a new stop sign on your regular route to work or school surprises you, and you are ticketed, you might have grounds for dismissal. Always consult with a traffic attorney before you pay the fine — technicalities abound.

Seek Experience & Knowledgeable Council: Why Hiring a Traffic Attorney Makes Sense

For many, the thought of navigating the legalities of a stop sign ticket can be frightening.

Legal jargon and court processes often deter individuals from challenging traffic tickets. We at Bigger & Harman understand these concerns. 

When you engage us, we provide clear guidance and robust representation. By enlisting one of our experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorneys, you significantly enhance the odds of successfully disputing your stop sign ticket. Remember, a stop sign ticket might seem minor, but even one conviction or paid fine can significantly raise your auto insurance premium.

Plus, when your insurance provider learns of the stop sign ticket conviction, they will withdraw your “20% good driver’s discount,” which will increase the premium of the average CA driver by nearly $700 per yearfor three years. 

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