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undefinedMany drivers consider only the fine and believe paying it is cheaper than hiring a traffic attorney. Typically, they fail to consider the auto insurance increase, which can be as much as $2,000 over the three years you will without a “good driver’s discount” of 20%.  

This massive increase is true even for a first-time, minor infraction that is not eligible for traffic school attendance (TVS). Furthermore, although the court reminder might say you are eligible to attend TVS, there are circumstances with no financial benefit.

For instance, when you have multiple tickets, or your ticket is “correctable,” such as no proof of insurance or a broken taillight. 

With a correctable ticket, correct the shortcoming and take the receipt and ticket to the police station where it was issued. The officer signs off on it, and you take it to the county court clerk. Pay the admin fee, and you’re done. It will not appear on your driving record or affect your insurance. 

Why a Traffic Attorney Could Be Your Best Bet & Cost-Effective in the Long Run

These are some benefits of consulting a traffic attorney:

  • Save on Fines: A savvy traffic attorney could reduce or eliminate hefty fines.
  • Guard Your Time: Avoid missing work (and income) with an attorney representing you.
  • Preserve Your Record: Steering clear of points on your license protects your record.
  • Insurance Premiums: Keeping your driving record clean helps prevent premium hikes.

By weighing the costs and benefits, it's clear that enlisting the aid of a traffic attorney could save you both time and money in the long run — considering the potential long-term costs associated with increased insurance premiums and a tainted driving record.

Getting Those Charges Reduced

An experienced traffic attorney will examine every detail of your case, seeking opportunities to challenge the validity of the charge. Although there are no guarantees, here’s what is possible:

  • We can check the accuracy of the speed gun in a speeding ticket case.
  • Disputing the clarity of road signs. 
  • Find gaps and inconsistencies in the LEO’s case.
  • Get approval from the judge for TVS. 
  • Negotiate a reduced charge.
  • Full dismissal

Moreover, even when the case against you is strong, an attorney can negotiate for reduced charges, lesser fines, or alternative penalties like traffic school, ensuring a lesser blow to your wallet and driving record.

In summary, while the immediate cost of hiring a traffic attorney might seem like an extra burden, the long-term savings, peace of mind, and protection of your driving rights often make it a wise investment.   

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