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undefinedFirst, let’s get right to the heart of it. Any conviction for speeding in a commercial vehicle anywhere in a CA over 55 mph is a moving violation that will be reported to the DOT FMCSA.

Moreover, if convicted, a speeding ticket for more than 15 mph over the statewide 55 mph speed limit for commercial vehicles is a misdemeanor crime in CA and a DOT FMCSA “serious offense.”

A second conviction of a serious offense will lead to a driver disqualification of 60 days if the conviction is within three years of the first, from conviction date to conviction date.

Speeding in a commercial vehicle isn't just dangerous—it can have serious implications for your driving record, career, and even your wallet. In California, the regulations surrounding commercial drivers are stringent, and penalties for speeding are far more severe than for non-commercial drivers. Here's a closer look at what you might face if you're caught speeding in a commercial vehicle in the Golden State.

The Speed Differential Paradox in CA

Very few other states employ a speed differential like CA. In CA, most non-commercial vehicles can go up to 70 mph. If a commercial drivers is caught driving 70 on a major freeway, it could mean a misdemeanor record if convicted.

For commercial drivers in California, speeding can bring a flurry of potential consequences. With fines up to $550, the immediate financial impact can be significant. Yet, the repercussions go far beyond the immediate fine.

Depending on the circumstances, a commercial driver caught speeding can face 1.5 Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points against their California Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

Accumulating these points could result in suspension or revocation of your license. In addition, a notification will be sent to the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT FMCSA), further impacting your driving record.

The worst-case scenario? Job loss. Increased insurance premiums due to violations can make employing a driver cost-prohibitive for many companies. As a result, a single instance of speeding in a commercial vehicle can put your livelihood at risk.

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean PSP

Every moving violation conviction is reported to the DOT FMCSA, including speeding in a commercial vehicle, and it becomes part of your Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) record. Potential employers must check this record, which can impact your ability to secure employment with high-paying fleets.

Maintaining a clean PSP is, therefore, crucial for your career. A tarnished PSP record might mean that if you're terminated from your current firm, you could face challenges securing a new position, especially with a high-paying fleet.

Understanding the Nuances of Traffic Court

This is where a knowledgeable traffic attorney comes into play. An experienced attorney understands the intricate workings of traffic court and can help to minimize the impact of a speeding ticket on your record.

They can represent you in court, help negotiate lesser charges, and even work towards getting your ticket dismissed altogether.

Not only do traffic attorneys understand the legal system, but they also understand the unique challenges commercial drivers face. With their help, you stand a better chance of protecting your CDL, your job, and your future in commercial driving.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Consultation About Speeding in a Commercial Vehicle

If you've been caught speeding in a commercial vehicle, don't risk your license or livelihood by facing it alone.

Start with a free, no-obligation consultation with a professional traffic attorney who regularly assists commercial drivers in resolving tickets and other traffic issues. They’ll discuss your case, help you understand your options, and allow you to decide your next steps.

Remember, a single instance of speeding in a commercial vehicle can impact your career. Act swiftly, seek professional advice, and work towards protecting your driving record and preserving your future in commercial driving.

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