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undefinedThe most significant reason to hire a professional to resolve a traffic ticket is to avoid spending possibly two days in traffic court waiting for your name to be called. When you hire a traffic attorney, they can represent you in court without you being there. However, there are many other reasons both for convenience and from a legal standpoint.

What It Means to Be Able to Miss Going to Traffic Court 

First, you do not need to miss work or school when you can permit a traffic attorney to represent you at arraignment and trial. Depending on where you received the citation, it could save you money. CA counties keep the jurisdiction of their traffic tickets. 

Plus, they know a LA driver won’t want to make the nearly three-hour drive back to Visalia or Porterville in Tulare County, CA. Unless you want to wake up at 3 am to make the 8 am court starting time, you’ll have to consider the price of an overnight stay in a local hotel or motel. 

Then, you must add the average cost of $138-a-night for a decent room to your traveling expense and the cost of missing work. What’s more, many employers will see your traffic ticket as an irresponsible act, even though everyone gets one occasionally. If you drive a company car, this could compound the problem if you must tell your boss why you need a couple of days off to attend traffic court.

When you add the expense and inconvenience, many consider it wiser to pay the fine. However, the wiser choice would be to hire a traffic ticket defender to challenge your traffic ticket in Tulare County Traffic Court. 

The Cost of Hiring a Traffic Attorney Versus a Paid Fine & Auto Insurance Premium Increase

Another item many drivers don’t consider is that an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney like Bigger & Harman charges a flat fee, not an hourly rate, to resolve traffic tickets.

The chances of a dismissal or reduced charge are much better than you think when you challenge a traffic ticket with a traffic attorney. Plus, avoiding the rise of around $500 per year, or $1,500 to your auto insurance premium over the three years a conviction or paid fine will remain on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR), makes it worth the legal fee. This expense is something many ticketed drivers don’t consider.

After receiving a traffic ticket, many drivers look up the fine online and see that there is a base of $35 for running a stop sign and that there are ten added surcharges that drive the price up to $238. A camera-enforced red light ticket has a base fine of $100 but will cost you $490.

These might squeeze your budget, but most consider these manageable if they don’t need to miss work. However, most do not consider the rise in their auto insurance after they lose their “good driver’s discount”at renewal and the increased risk that will raise their premium an average of $1,500 to $1,950 over the next three years. 

When an intelligent driver considers all the expenses involved, they most often choose to hire a traffic ticket attorney.            

Choose Bigger & Harman to Resolve Your Traffic Tickets in Tulare County, CA 

When you get a traffic ticket, such as running a stop sign, a camera-enforced red light ticket, speeding, or an illegal U-turn, call Bigger & Harman (661) 349-9300. 

We always use a flat rate to resolve your traffic tickets in traffic court. Regardless of the number of appearances we must make to resolve your ticket; the fee never goes up. Give us a call or email. 

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