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undefinedIs your 100+ mph speeding ticket causing you sleepless nights? Maybe the law enforcement officer (LEO) who gave you the ticket warned you about the mandatory court appearance or the possible 30-day driving privilege suspension. 

Maybe you looked online and saw the horror stories of a $2,500 fine or tens of thousands in possible auto insurance premiums. The fear of a 30 day suspension and might have you stewing about your mistake and wondering how you got that distracted. 

Many California drivers on I-5 get tricked into thinking they will not get stopped for speeding because they often cruise along unimpeded at 85 or 90 mph. The thought of a 100+ mph speeding ticket is a distant reality that doesn’t enter their mind until the sudden flashing lights and siren bring them into reality.

Maybe you were headed to San Francisco or Sacramento through Fresno County on I-5, averaging 85 or 90 mph and keeping up with other traffic, but when you swing out to pass a slower vehicle, you might hit 100+ and get caught by the CHP or LEO. 

Can I See Your License, Registration, & Proof of Insurance?    

Typically, the next question is, “Do you know how fast you were going”? Even when you know, it is better to avoid answering. You do have the Constitutional right to “remain silent,” which is a wise choice. You shouldn’t even need to point that out to the LEO who pulled you over for 100+ mph speeding; they know.

All you have to do is sign the ticket, which is not an admission of guilt as many drivers believe but an affirmation that you will appear in court to resolve the 100+ mph speeding ticket. If you don’t sign the ticket, the LEO could arrest you. It’s much easier to sign the ticket.

Likewise, there is no point in arguing with the LEO on the side of the road. There is likely nothing you can say that will make the LEO change their mind and tear up the ticket. However, the LEO probably wears a body cam and will use all of that conversation in court to convict you.

What’s more, most judges are offended by drivers who are rude or belligerent to the ticketing officer and can make it worse for you. Plus, it makes it more challenging for your traffic attorney to get a dismissal or reduced charge.

Nothing says a judge must offer a reduced one point conviction where you only have one point assessed instead of the two points that come with an over 100 MPH ticket. This typically happens because the traffic attorney can convince the judge they should allow a lesser conviction to keep your insurance company from raising your rates thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, over the next seven years that a conviction would stay on your record.

Maybe you’re an Uber or Lyft driver, and a conviction for 100+ mph speeding could end that career or side hustle.

The benefits of hiring a traffic ticket attorney to resolve your 100+ mph speeding ticket could keep you out of court and possible bankruptcy.   

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We have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from defending 100+ mph speeding tickets in Fresno County Court and Central Valley on a regular basis.  

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