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7 Game Changers You Acquire When You Hire a Traffic Attorney

undefinedYou will add seven game-changing benefits in traffic court when you hire a traffic attorney. 

Just as you are the expert behind the wheel of your rig, a traffic attorney is a game-changer in traffic court. They know that they won’t need you in the courtroom in most cases. In fact, your being there could cause a situation where the judge asks you a question that can only lead to self-incrimination if you answer. 

A traffic attorney knows when and how to negotiate a reduced fine, often with no points. They are familiar with every traffic code and its application because they sit through dozens of trials per week. 

What’s more, many do not consider the money-saving aspects of hiring a traffic attorney. The unaware driver may not see how the equivalent of an $400 parking ticket could be cheaper than a moving violation. A moving violation for a professional driver can be career-threatening. 

Here are seven reasons why hiring a traffic attorney is a game-changer for most commercial vehicle traffic tickets.     

#1—No Need to Appear in Traffic Court

Hiring a traffic attorney means you can load up and haul cargo rather than sit in traffic court waiting for your name to get called.

#2—Reduced Fine

A traffic attorney knows when the State’s case is weak, and the judge might accept a negotiated plea. An experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney can often get the fine lowered, especially with overweight truck violations that can cost tens of thousands of dollars—the average is $1.00 per pound overweight.

What’s more, when a traffic ticket is a “wobblette,” a violation that could be either a misdemeanor or an infraction, a traffic attorney can negotiate with the judge to reduce the charge to an infraction and save the commercial driver a permanent mark on their record. 

#3—No Points

Likewise, an attorney could sometimes negotiate a non point, or a charge with less points, with a fine only to save the trucker’s CDL and driving position with their trucking firm. 

A moving violation could mean the driver has to accept less than the preferred rate per mile. Many large trucking firms will not offer the best rate to a trucker with a moving violation conviction—even when it’s the first in their long career. 

In most cases, all the trucking firm cares about is right now, and the next two years that conviction will affect their fleet insurance and Safety Measurement System (SMS) percentile.

An SMS percentile above 75 could mean more roadside inspections, stops at weigh stations, and fewer on-time deliveries. 

#4—Challenging & Suppressing Evidence

The traffic attorney knows the requirement for calibration on a radar or lidar device. They also know the law enforcement officer (LEO’s) training requirement on those devices. 

They know that the State cannot enter evidence gathered solely by an aircraft without an officer on the ground, and both must be at your trial. 

Additionally, they know to ask for dismissal if the LEO is not there because you have the Constitutional guarantee to face your accuser and what to argue if the judge wants to continue the case for the officer to appear.   

#5—No Self-Incrimination

Many drivers who represent themselves in traffic court give themselves up to a guilty verdict by saying something as innocent as, “I know I was speeding, your honor, however, I was only keeping up with the other traffic. Or, I thought that I could get through the yellow traffic light before it changed,” and many others. 

If you’re not in the courtroom, the judge can’t ask you that question that could lead to self-incrimination. 

#6—Knowledge of Traffic Code

Most drivers do not know the traffic code. A traffic attorney goes to law school for three years, and sits through multiple hours of traffic hearings per week. Chances are they have heard a similar ruling as yours in front of the same judge and know what will work and what will not.

#7—Money Savings

Many drivers with tickets do not consider hiring an attorney as a money-saving proposition. They see movies and TV shows where the lawyer charges by the hour and requires a significant retainer. You should never hire a traffic attorney who charges by the hour.

A traffic attorney could sit in traffic court all day waiting for their client’s name to get called to resolve an infraction. Traffic court is much different from a criminal proceeding. Just the reduced charge or fine could save you a lot of money, let alone when a traffic attorney can get a dismissal.

What’s more, a commercial driver does not have the liberty to pay a fine and move on. Driving is their life and livelihood. One conviction on a moving violation could mean the fleet manager terminates them. It’s too risky to go it alone. Always consult a traffic attorney.

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