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undefinedIn an interview for CNN with CHP Officer Vince Ramirez, he acknowledged that the typical CA speeding 100+ mph ticket is due to a RADAR or LIDAR device or cruiser pacing (known by LEOs as a “bumper stop” or “bumper piece”) of the vehicle’s speed.

He added that most are “…caught on the outskirts of big cities, high desert areas, or rural populations.” That description fits most of Mono County, where you can find the lowest (Death Valley) and the highest (Mount Whitney) elevations in the lower continental USA. 

Once you sign your ticket, it is sent to the Mono County court clerk for processing. It might take two to four weeks for you to receive a court reminder. However, you must not ignore the citation. According to CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 40508Release Upon Promise to Appear, a failure to appear in court is a misdemeanor offense in CA. Regardless of the ticket outcome, you could receive another ticket and civil or administrative fees up to $600 additionally. 

What’s more, there could be a bench warrant issued, and/or a conviction in “absentia.” You don’t want that. Consult a CA traffic attorney; chances are their fee will be much cheaper than a conviction for speeding 100+ mph.      

What to Do at the Scene of a Speeding 100+ Ticket

Typically, after the law enforcement officer (LEO) asks for license, registration, and proof of insurance, they will usually ask, “Do you know how fast you were going”? This is a trap. You do not have to answer this question.

However, do not get confrontational about it. Most LEOs now wear body cams, and your actions there on the side of the road could make it extremely difficult for your attorney in court. Oh yeah, with speeding 100+ mph, you have a mandatory court date, so keep it simple and say, “I’m not sure.”

That is not a lie. Even when you looked down at your speedometer when you first noticed the lights or siren, you could have been going faster or slower when they caught you on RADAR or LIDAR (a laser detection device). Plus, your speedometer could be faulty.

Never, ever offer a CHP or LEO an amount of money to forget about the ticket. That is a felony offense for bribing a law enforcement official, which you could do time in prison. Sign the ticket. It is not an admission of guilt, but your word that you or your attorney will appear in court to resolve the ticket.      

Actions When You Get Home

Regardless of whether you think you can afford it or not, call a CA traffic attorney for a consultation as soon as possible after receiving the speeding 100+ mph ticket. If you’re convicted, the fine will typically range between $900 and $2,500.

However, that is trivial compared to how much you would pay for an auto insurance premium increase. If convicted, the DMV will assess two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, which when your insurance provider finds out (typically at renewal), they will probably double or triple your rate.

Although the price you pay is dependent on many factors, the average Californian as of 28 September 2021, according to the Bank Rate articleAverage cost of car insurance in California for 2021 is $2,065 for full coverage and $733 annually for minimum coverage.

Most who have a car loan must carry full coverage on their vehicle. If you must, you’re looking at an increase between $2,065 and $4,130 per year for seven years if convicted. That’s correct; the DMV will retain the conviction record on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for seven years.

As stated above, “Regardless of whether you think you can afford it or not, call a CA traffic attorney for a consultation.” Hiring Bigger & Harman is much cheaper than you would think because they use a flat rate to resolve your traffic ticket.

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We are a Bakersfield, CA, traffic ticket defense team have a reputation for successfully defending speeding 100+ mph tickets. We assisted so many Central and Owens Valley clients to overcome the charge that we wrote a book about our experiences. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to request your copy of 4 Unknown Consequences of Driving Over 100 MPH.  



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