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undefinedMost people do not believe it is a choice between paying a traffic attorney or paying the court, they worry that they won’t win, and thus, they will pay both.

If You Pay the Ticket Without Challenging It with a Traffic Attorney, You Will Always Lose

When you hire a traffic attorney, results show time and again, you are much better off hiring a lawyer to represent you in court than by paying the fine. When you pay the fine, you already plead guilty, and your insurance company will make you pay again and again for three years until the conviction comes off your motor vehicle driving record (MVR).

When you challenge the ticket with a traffic attorney, you stand a much better chance. An experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney can request a dismissal or reduced no-point conviction. When you get a dismissal, there’s no fine. When you get a reduced no-point conviction, you might still pay a fine, but you will not pay an increased auto insurance premium for three years, which in most cases is three times as much as the fine.

The Actual Cost of a Traffic Ticket

Some people get angry that CA traffic tickets are so expensive, yet they ignore the long-term consequence of a conviction on their auto insurance premium.

The average California driver pays $1,960 per year for auto insurance coverage. They will lose their “good driver’s discount” for driving at least three years without a violation or accident with a conviction or paid fine. Some have gone for ten, twelve, twenty years, or more, and yet one ticket could conservatively cost them $392 per year more, plus the fine, plus the increased risk associated with the ticket.

Many people believe they can’t afford to hire a traffic attorney, but those who cannot afford a lawyer can’t afford a conviction that could cost three or four times what a traffic attorney charges. Traffic attorneys do not charge a retainer, and most don’t charge an hourly rate. 

All it requires is for a traffic attorney to leave the judge wondering about your innocence or guilt; a “reasonable doubt” is all it takes to save you the fine and the increased insurance premium. What’s more, when hiring an attorney, you do not need to stress about taking time off to pay the fine or attend court.   

Bigger & Harman, APC Are California Traffic Attorneys Who Can Help Resolve Your Ticket in Tulare County, CA

When you have a scheduled appearance in Visalia or Porterville Traffic Court in Tulare County, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We practice only traffic law. That means we spend our time in traffic court nearly every day listening to traffic cases. We know how most judges will rule on a traffic ticket. We know many of the law enforcement officers and whether they typically testify in court. We know when to ask for a dismissal if the LEO doesn’t show up. Give us a call about your ticket. 



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