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undefinedSome drivers ask us, “What are the consequences for carrying a concealed weapon in my commercial motor vehicle (CMV)?” 

According to Penal Code 25400Carrying a Firearm, it is a misdemeanor crime to carry a concealed weapon on your person or in a vehicle in CA. You are subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and a year in jail

However, we are traffic attorneys and do not accept criminal cases in Roseville, CA or anywhere else unless they are traffic violations. 

However, if you are a CDL holder and received a traffic ticket in your CMV in Roseville, CA, we can help you resolve it. We assist truckers and other CDL holders with traffic tickets, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Following too closely
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Equipment violations
  • Cell phone tickets
  • HOS rule violations
  • Overweight trucks
  • Form and Manner violations
  • Illegal U-turns
  • Red-light tickets
  • Stop sign violations
  • Right-of-way tickets
  • Non-emergency stops
  • Equipment violations

There are many others, so call our office, Bigger & Harman, APC, in Bakersfield, with the specifics of your situation.

How to Avoid a Handgun Violation & Keep Yourself Safe  

Let’s skip straight to the chase, America’s highways are crazy, and road rage can happen to anyone. Without bringing in any political bias, rioters and looters are out there on the streets. So, anyone could understand that a trucker might want to carry a weapon when they’re out there on the road to protect your truck, yourself and the cargo you carry.

However, your state-issued firearm concealed and/or open carry permit is only legal in the state of issue unless your state has a reciprocal agreement with the state you are traveling through. When you cross your state’s border into another state, you may be in violation of their laws.  So do your own research as to what states honors other states concealed handgun licenses

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

So, how do you keep yourself safe and protect your load? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Use a co-driver when possible. With two drivers, you can get there quicker and safer.
  • Be situationally aware everywhere. Avoid using your phone while walking from the truck to the cashier or diner. 
  • Be confident, walk with your head held high and watch what’s going on around you. 
  • Listen to your instincts. When something looks wrong, it usually is.
  • Plan your trip so that you won’t need to stop in high crime areas for gas or eats. Places like LA, NYC, Seattle, Portland, and other large cities are dangerous, and they charge more for food, drinks and gas.
  • Use your head. Don’t get into controversial or confrontational situations on the road, at the pump or in the parking lots.

If you must deliver to these cities, plan to arrive during daylight hours when other truckers are out and about.

Don’t make yourself an easy target for criminal elements. Avoid situations when you can. Sometimes, you have to get involved yourself or someone else. Some other times, from your position above the traffic, you see things other drivers might not. You’re not a wimp for calling 911 and leaving it to law enforcement officers (LEO). 

Attorneys Who Can Help You Resolve Traffic Tickets in Roseville, CA  

When you have a traffic ticket, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We offer CMV drivers with traffic tickets a first time, no-obligation free call or email to discuss their situation. We know that CMV drivers often do not have the time to come into the office, so calling or emailing is more convenient. 



The 2019-2021 CA Commercial Driver Handbook.pdf 

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