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undefinedNot all traffic attorneys have a warm and pleasant personality, and you should not expect that. However, they should be professional. 

If they fail to deliver on promises, guarantee a dismissal or reduced charge, they’re pushy or rude, will not agree to a flat fee, or they fail to return your calls or update you about your case, you may have chosen the wrong traffic attorney. 

#1 — They Show up Late or Miss Meetings/Consultations

     There could be a perfectly valid reason your traffic attorney misses a meeting or consultation, but when it happens with no apology or explanation, you might have chosen the wrong attorney. When your phone appointment is 2 pm, and at 4 pm, they still haven’t shown up, and the receptionist has no idea where they are, something is wrong.

It is possible they got held up in court and could not make a call. Judges, especially traffic court judges, do not allow cell phones in the courtroom. Therefore, most attorneys will put it on mute while in court. It is very embarrassing to get dressed down by a judge because your cell phone starts blasting during testimony.  

Therefore, there may be a valid reason for them to be late. But they should absolutely show they understand the value of your time and are working hard not to waste it.

#2 — Your Traffic Attorney Guarantees a Dismissal

This is almost always a bad sign. If they say that if the law enforcement officer (LEO) does not show up for trial, they will ask for a dismissal, that is not the same as saying they will get your case dismissed or guarantee a reduced charge. 

Because they spend so much time in traffic court, a traffic attorney will usually have a very accurate guess about how a specific judge will rule, but they can’t be sure.  

Although you have a Constitutional right to face your accuser, which in traffic court cases is the LEO who issued the ticket, a judge could delay your trial if there was a valid reason they could not show up.

#3 — The Traffic Attorney Who Offered a Free Consultation Is Pushy and Rude

You’ve got a speeding ticket, and you’re still on the fence about whether to challenge it or not. You find a traffic attorney online that offers a free consultation; you call and make an appointment. 

Then, when you go in for the consultation before you even get seated or discuss the ticket, the attorney says, “So, are you going to challenge this speeding ticket or not? Because if not, don’t waste my time. My time is very valuable.” As if yours isn’t. How rude is that?

When you set up a consultation with a lawyer, they should realize that your time is valuable too. They should discuss the ticket with professionalism and give you a chance to ask questions relevant to your case. 

What if the judge offers a reduced charge, such as a non-moving conviction where you would pay the full fine amount, but there would be no points added to your license and no traffic violators school (TVS)? Many people would think this is not a good option because they have to pay the full fine. 

However, there is no increased insurance premium when there is no negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points. Under this scenario, the average Californian would save around $1,500

Because the average insurance premium in CA is $1,962 per year, losing your “good driver’s discount”alone will cost you around $392 per year for three years. Your insurance provider would then raise your premium an additional amount depending on your speed and the comparative risk associated with it. 

Do not put up with a rude traffic attorney. There are too many respectful traffic attorneys who want to help you keep a clean driving record.

#4 — Your Traffic Attorney Is Not Upfront about How Much You Will Pay

If you are convicted, the fine amount could be more or less than the “base fine” you read about online. When the traffic code quotes a “not more than” price for a fine, that is what it was when the law was passed. 

When you looked online and it quotes a 1-15 mph over the speed limit fine as $35, that is the base fine. In addition to the base fine, there are ten fees, penalties, and surcharges that the CA Legislature has passed, which will make a $35 base fine, about $238. The typical minor infraction for speeding is between $238 and $490. 

However, if your traffic attorney is not straightforward about their fee, you might be in for a shock after the trial is over. If the traffic attorney you are speaking to will not agree to a flat fee, find another attorney. An hourly fee to resolve a traffic ticket could cost you much, much more than the fine, and increased insurance would have cost you.

#5 — Your Traffic Attorney Never Updates You or Returns Your Calls

This is very concerning. Although you should not call their office every day, or even every week, to check on the status of your case, when they say they will provide you an update by a specific date and they do not, you might want to consider getting another traffic attorney. 

If they are ignoring you, it might mean they are not doing anything with your case.  

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