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undefinedThe Top Five Trucking Companies Overall 

This is a list of the top seven for-hire trucking companies based on revenue. These numbers are approximate based on the report by Transport Topics on 1 December 2020

  1. UPS, $74B, employs 495,000
  2. FedEx, $68.8B, employs 475,000
  3. XPO Logistics, $16.6B, employs 100,000
  4. J. B. Hunt Transport Services, $9.1B, employs 29,106
  5. Schneider, $5B, employs 15,650

Some trucking companies lost money in 2019, so you shouldn’t consider applying to one of these companies based on this position. Research the company, its pay, and benefits before you apply. Click on the company’s name for information. 

The Top Five Refrigerated Transport Services

The following is a list of the Top five refrigerated transport services for 2019:

  1. Prime Incorporated, $2B, employs about 5k
  2. KLLM Transport Services, $936M 
  3. C.R. England, 1.5B, employs about 8k
  4. Swift Refrigerated, $5B, employs about 24k
  5. Stevens Transport, $737M, employs about 2.8k

Click on the name of the refrigerated transport service for more information on the company.  

The Top Five Flatbed Transport Services

The following are the Top Five flatbed transport services:

  1. Daseke Inc., 1.4B, employs about 6k
  2. Landstar System, $4B, employs about 1.4k
  3. Anderson Trucking Service, $767M, employs about 2.3k
  4. PS Logistics, 750M, employs about 3.8k
  5. Bennett Motor Express/Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging, 460M, employs about 1.1k

Some of these numbers may have changed since publication. Do the necessary research before applying for any transport services position. There is a lot more to flatbed trucking than just driving, so typically, the drivers make more than other types of truck drivers. But, if you have a physical limitation, make sure you can perform the tasks required for the job.

The Top Five Tank Trucking Services

The following are the Top Five Tank trucking services:

  1. Kenan Advantage Group, $1.7B, employs about 9.4k
  2. Quality Distributors, $1.09B, no info available on employment numbers
  3. Trimac Transportation Services, $610M, employs about 3k
  4. Foodliner/Quest Liner, $334M, employs about 1.3k
  5. Heniff Transportation Systems, $300M, no info available on employment numbers

The Top Five Package/Courier Transport Services

These are the Top Five Package and Courier transport services in North America:

  1. UPS, $60B, employs about 500k
  2. FedEx, $57.5B, employs about 475k 
  3. Purolator, $1.2B, employs about 11k
  4. OnTrac Inc., $618M, employs about 3k
  5. TFI international, $473M, employs about 16.7k

How to Maintain a Clean CDL

Once you get a driving position, make sure you consult a traffic attorney about any alleged violations. One of the biggest threats to your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is traffic tickets. Even a minor infraction can get you terminated, and it will remain on your Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) record for three years, making it challenging to get another high-paying job.

The turnover rate at large transport services and trucking companies is nearly 90 percent. Although some drivers are fortunate enough to sign on with a high-paying firm after a year of driving for a low-paying firm, just one traffic ticket conviction or paid fine could mean being overlooked for the high-paying driving jobs. Always consult a traffic attorney. 

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We only practice traffic law; therefore, we know the procedures, many of the court judges and officials who can help resolve your ticket, and we know who to ask about a no-point violation. Typically, a no-point conviction is similar to a parking ticket, though more expensive. However, nothing gets reported to FMCSA or your employer, which could save your job. Give us a call, and let’s discuss your situation.



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