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Like any driver who’s ever had one, you’d probably like to forget that speeding ticket. When you consult a traffic ticket attorney, it can be easier and less expensive than going to the courthouse and paying the fine. Here’s why.

What a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Offer You

If you wish to dispute your speeding ticket or any traffic ticket, many drivers elect to represent themselves. Regrettably, this can have disastrous results. A driver might get tongue-tied or have stage fright in front of a large audience. They might not be well organized and forget to mention a crucial detail or worse, say too much, and admit guilt. Either of these could harm their case. Traffic courts are notoriously busy. You will only have a few minutes to convince the judge “beyond a reasonable doubt” of your innocence.

Traffic court is not like what you see on TV, where you can ask the judge for a five-minute recess to pull yourself together or get a witness. If the law enforcement officer (LEO) is there on time and ready to testify, your witnesses, if you have any, better be as well.

Challenging a Speeding Ticket

Although it is not necessary to have a traffic attorney to contest a ticket, it would be advisable, and it is cheaper than you think. Many traffic ticket attorneys will present a request for dismissal to the court first. Then, if that fails, they might petition the court for a no-point reduced charge.

Unlike criminal trials, there is no DA to negotiate with most of the time. Also, unlike a criminal prosecution, many traffic attorneys charge a flat fee to resolve your ticket; whereas, a criminal lawyer will charge by the hour. Be careful, though; this is not the case with all traffic attorneys. Some do charge by the hour. Make sure this is discussed and written into any agreement you make with the attorney. What’s more, when you hire an attorney, you will not have to attend the arraignment or trial. Your attorney can handle all that for you. You can go back to work as if nothing had happened.

If your attorney can get a dismissal or reduced no-point conviction, you won’t need to attend traffic violators’ school (TVS). The DMV will not assess Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points; therefore, your auto insurance premiums will not go up.

Once again, not having to attend TVS will save you time and money. When you select the option of attending TVS to mask your conviction from your insurance provider, you must plead guilty, pay the fine, and the court admin fee for TVS, pay the tuition, and finish the course before the court-ordered date of completion.

Regardless of your situation, it is always beneficial to hire a traffic attorney to dispute your speeding ticket. Particularly when you have a 100+ mph speeding ticket, this violation has a mandatory court appearance by you or an attorney. Your fine, if convicted, would be between $900 and $2,600. Your license could be suspended automatically by the judge for 30 days. Plus, the DMV will assess two NOTS points that will remain on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for seven years.

When your insurance company sees this conviction, which cannot be masked by TVS, they will double or triple your auto insurance premium if they decide to retain you as a client. Although it is mandatory to have insurance, it is not compulsory for them to insure you. Talk to a traffic ticket attorney.

Traffic Attorneys Who Can Handle Your Speeding Ticket in Tulare County

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