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Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders who make a mistake out there on the road, such as speeding in their Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV), can inherit       a serious problem. In some cases, such as speeding 15 mph over the limit or any speeding in your CMV in a construction zone are considered “serious offenses” by the FMCSA. 

Speeding in Your CMV Could Be a Serious Offense

For regular drivers, a speeding ticket is a straightforward event — you hire a lawyer and challenge the ticket, or you pay the fine and attend Traffic Violators School (TVS). In the first place, if you’re convicted of speeding in your CMV, there is      no attending TVS to mask your ticket from your employer or auto insurance provider. For the CDL holder, that speeding ticket could end up costing you a 60-day unpaid “vacation” or termination from your job.

A second conviction of speeding in your CMV 15 mph over the prudent speed or posted speed limit in a CMV is grounds for a 60-day disqualification. Plus, any speeding in a construction zone is a serious offense. Imagine fleet management’s reaction when you tell them of your inability to drive for two months. Will they wait for you to come back, or will they hire another driver?

CSA Severity Points for Speeding in Your CMV

There are four levels of CSA severity points for speeding:

  1. Speeding 1-5 mph over the prudent speed given conditions or the posted speed limit — 1 CSA severity point
  2. Speeding 6-10 over the prudent speed given conditions or the posted speed limit — 4 CSA severity point
  3. Speeding 11-14 over the prudent speed given conditions or the posted speed limit — 7 CSA severity point
  4. Speeding 15 or more over the prudent speed given conditions or the posted speed limit or any speeding in a construction zone — 10 CSA severity point maximum and a serious offense designation

The trucking firm can also receive five CSA severity points for scheduling a run with a delivery deadline that requires speeding. These severity points are multiplied by a time weight of three when another conviction occurs within the same Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) category. Those categories are unsafe driving, maintenance, substance possession or abuse, hours of service (HOS) compliance, driver fitness, hazardous material handling, and collision indicators.

Regardless of your previous driving record, you must take that ticket for speeding in your CMV seriously and hire a traffic ticket attorney to challenge the ticket in court.

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