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Many drivers wonder what is a complete stop by law. Some wonder should they come to a complete stop at the stop sign or before. Some want to know what to do when there is a crosswalk. Are there separate instructions when there is a crosswalk? How far before the crosswalk must we stop?

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22450Special Stops Required, warns all drivers approaching the stop sign at an intersection “…shall stop at a limit line, if marked…” or before the crosswalk when present. When the limit line or crosswalk is not marked or no longer visible, the driver shall stop at the entrance to the intersection.

Likewise, according to CVC 21802Right-of-Way, any driver “…approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection shall stop…” and give right-of-way to vehicles approaching from another roadway when those vehicles pose an immediate danger and shall continue to give the right-of-way until it is prudent to proceed.

Perception & Perspective Are Everything with a Stop Sign Ticket

The law enforcement officer (LEO) monitoring traffic, may or may not see you stop at the crosswalk or limit line before rolling forward to the entrance of the intersection and ticket you for not coming to a complete stop for the stop sign. 

Depending on their position, they may not even know where the limit line or crosswalk is in relation to the stop sign. How can the LEO accurately judge if you came to a complete stop before the limit line? Always discuss your traffic ticket with an attorney before deciding to pay. 

5 Crucial Things to Understand about Stop Signs and Coming to a Complete Stop

#1 — if convicted, the fine alone will be $235-250 depending on the court costs, county, and state fees and surcharges.

#2 — the driver can plead guilty and attend Traffic Violators School (TVS) once for any minor infraction within 18 months from citation issue date to the new ticket issue date.

#3 — if convicted without attending and completing TVS, the DMV will assess one Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) point. Upon renewal, your insurance will see this paid fine or conviction and take your “good driver’s discount.” Then, they will put you in a higher risk category, which when combined, these two actions costs the average Californian $1,500 in higher insurance premiums over the three-year period the conviction stays on their record.

#4 — ignoring the ticket will likely lead to a failure to appear (FTA), which is a misdemeanor crime under California traffic law CVC 40508Release Upon Promise to Appear. The court could issue a bench warrant, a DMV hold on your driver’s license, add up to $300 in administrative fees, and/or try you in absentia.

#5 — all of this could be avoided by hiring a traffic attorney to challenge a stop sign ticket in court. Plus, you can go to work or school and let the attorney resolve your ticket without your presence.  

Attorneys Who Handle a Stop Sign Ticket in Tulare 

When you have received a stop sign ticket for not coming to a complete stop on any roadway in Tulare County or Central Valley, call Bigger & Harman.  

We seek to ensure the driving privileges and legal rights of Central Valley drivers in traffic court and at DMV Hearings. 

Se habla Español, (661) 349-9755, or send a scanned copy of the ticket on email to We will reply as soon as possible. 


CVC 21802Right-of-Way, CVC 22450Special Stops Required, & CVC 40508Release Upon Promise to Appear

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