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undefinedRed-light camera tickets are expensive. If you pay the fine and accept traffic violators school to keep the infraction confidential, it will cost more than $500.

What’s more, you must plead guilty to get the county to allow you to attend TVS to keep your camera ticket confidential. If you weren’t driving, why would you plead guilty? It is up to the state to prove that you broke the law. Therefore, you are under no obligation to do their job for them.

Many drivers believe they can protect their teen from getting a fine and mark on their driving record, so they pay the ticket because the teen is on their insurance. They believe their insurance will go up anyway. However, the burden of proof is on the state to prove who was driving.

However, many law enforcement officers will tell you that you are responsible for telling them who was driving to be relieved of paying the fine. The first thing you should do is consult a traffic ticket attorney.

Hire an Attorney to Dispute Your Camera Ticket

Many drivers think it is too expensive to dispute a red-light camera ticket with an attorney. Actually, when you hire a traffic attorney, you could save around $1,400 or $1,500 if you are not eligible to attend TVS. That’s because the fine for the ticket is only about one-fourth of the entire expense; depending on where you live, it could cost much more.

If you’re from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Diego and wish to represent yourself to handle the camera ticket, you would have to return to Bakersfield at least once, quite likely twice.

However, when you hire a local attorney, they can resolve your camera ticket without your presence. The attorney will show the judge your license photo and the photographic evidence gathered from the camera. Your ticket will, in all likelihood, be dismissed if it cannot be determined you were the driver “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Yes, even in traffic court, that is the standard to establish guilt.

Shouldn’t I Accept TVS & Pay the Fine?

You could if you want to give the county around $500 for something you didn’t do. What’s more, if you attend TVS for the camera ticket and then get a ticket for another minor infraction within 18 months, you will not be able to use TVS. 

The insurance company will then take your 20 percent “good driver’s discount” and put you into a higher risk category, which will raise your premium about $500 per year for the average CA driver who pays $1,960 per year.

If you have a teen on your policy, expect it to go up much higher than that. To accept TVS, you must have a CA driver’s license, not have used  it to mask a ticket within the last 18 months, it must be a minor infraction, must not have a mandatory court appearance, or have been in a commercial motor vehicle.

Whatever your circumstances, you should always consult a traffic attorney before deciding to pay the fine or dispute the ticket.

Bigger & Harman, APC, Handle Red-Light Camera Tickets in Bakersfield 

If you received a camera ticket at the intersection of Coffee Road and Truxtun Ave or any of the seven other intersections around Bakersfield, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We are traffic ticket attorneys who can resolve your red light tickets and many other citations. Additionally, we handle NOTS hearings.  



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