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Whatever you’re doing as a driver, driving careers have challenges. Uber drivers, chauffeurs, truckers, bus drivers, even taxi drivers experience these problems driving. Some career drivers experience more issues that are multiplied by California state laws. For problems with traffic tickets, turn to Bigger & Harman, traffic law professionals.  

#1 – Poor Nutrition and Weight Gain 

This problem is inherent to all driving careers regardless of location or vehicle, not just California. Driving is a sedentary lifestyle. The taxi driver, truck driver, ambulance driver, all suffer the effects of sitting behind the wheel far too long. Local drivers have more options than over-the-road (OTR) drivers, but all suffer too little flexibility during peak traffic hours. 

Taxi and Uber drivers can take a break and go to the gym, but what about the long-haul trucker? What can you do? Surely, you can choose healthy meals after your 11-hour driving shift. Heck, you might even be able to get away with going to a restaurant or diner occasionally using the personal conveyance policy. But usually, it’s McDonald’s, Burger King, or some other fast food joint. Grab it and go!

#2 – Family Separation During Your Driving Career

Did we mention, these are not in order of importance about how severely they affect your life. We’re simply pointing out four challenges drivers face. When your driving regularly takes you out of California, your loved ones suffer and so do you. 

It doesn’t matter how strong you are, when it comes to family, everyone’s weakness will get exposed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 40 years or four weeks, whether you have children or dogs, separation will break down a relationship. They may say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but that’s just Hallmark stuff. 

When you’re out there on the road, taxi driver, bus, ambulance, limousine, or OTR trucker, you miss moments, you miss the holidays, you really miss birthdays! Let’s face it; how are you going to tell your boss, “I can’t be out of town this week, it’s her/his birthday!” The answer might be Snapchat, Facebook calls, Skype, and other social media devices. These were not even available three decades ago. Drivers had to spend a lot on long distance calls. 

Oh, while we are on the subject, don’t forget the possibility of working together as “team drivers.” For the person staying at home, why not consider  attending driver’s school and making your driving career a driving tandem? You won’t need to worry about FMCSA Hours of Service rules. You do yours, and then the other takes over. And, you can both see the country outside of California. 

#3 – Traffic Tickets   

Once again, these apply to every driving career in every sort of commercial vehicle from limousine driver, to trucker, to Uber driver. Everyone exceeds the speed limit, changes lanes without signaling, rolls through a stop sign or red light. The difference is in California, the fines are some of the highest in the nation. 

Let’s say you make $800 in a week, not a bad wage. $20 per hour if you drive only 40 hours is much better than many make. Many drivers know that it is not realistic. You are there when you are needed. Whichever vehicle you have a certificate or endorsement for is your livelihood. But the reality is many law enforcement officers (LEO) are worried about their livelihood too. Too few tickets mean a low-performance report. You can say what you want about quotas, but we all know what makes money for these county courts. Why else would county courts work so hard to maintain jurisdiction over local tickets?  

#4 – Regulation, Regulation, Regulation Over Your Driving Career!

Too many drivers point to the over regulation of drivers in every profession. Whether it is federal or state, even municipal taxi regulations, you need a guide to navigate all the regulations a driver must know. 

Hazardous material (HazMat) drivers have it the worst! OMG, there are 360 federal misdemeanors for HazMat drivers. Think about that for just a minute. 360 MISDEMEANORS! These can end a driving career. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense. That means you are asking a driver to put their criminal record and driving career on the line to deliver cargo. 

Did you know that a driver hauling explosives (even fireworks) from the port in Long Beach to Las Vegas is subject to a $4,175 fine for stopping at the wrong rest area? The CHP must approve the rest area, or you could get fined $4,175. Wrong maps, wrong routes…what’s a driver to do?   

Call a CDL Ticket Lawyer to Discuss a Traffic Ticket in Mojave 

Most commercial drivers just want to make it through the day or trip without any problems with law enforcement. When problems with traffic tickets get difficult, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.  We can give you the straight advice you can’t get anywhere else. Straight up, we can provide you with the legal advice you need. 

From our primary office in Bakersfield, we go where we’re needed. Resolving traffic tickets for Central Valley drivers, both commercial and regular drivers need assistance with speeding tickets and other violations on 58. For the best traffic ticket attorney near Mojave, give us a call.  

We are traffic ticket attorney; we do not accept any other cases. We are not divorce or family lawyers, we only serve clients with traffic tickets. We cannot promise a dismissal of charges, or a reduced penalty. What we can promise you is the best legal defense possible. 

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