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CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22406, Other Speed Laws requires a 55 mph speed limit for the following vehicles:

  • Motor truck or tractor with three axles or more or towing another vehicle
  • Bus or vehicle towing another vehicle
  • A school bus with pupils
  • A farm labor transport vehicle with passengers
  • Any vehicle hauling explosives

This traffic code catches a lot of drivers off guard, especially those out-of-state truckers coming over from Nevada into Truckee, just outside of Reno. This area north of Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for law enforcement officers (LEO) waiting for unsuspecting interstate transport vehicles.

The 55 mph speed limit violation of CVC 22406 is one of the most frequent tickets for truckers who get tagged on the long downhill route they use to the Bay area. Additionally, there are lots of roadside inspection stations, frequently called the “chicken coop” or scales by drivers.

Another violation prevalent to the Truckee area in Nevada County is the “third lane violation.” CVC 22348 (c), Speed Laws prohibits vehicles affected by CVC 22406 to drive in the third lane. It is actually a failure to use the designated lane violation. When more than two lanes are going in the same direction, these vehicles must use one of the first two lanes unless preparing to make a left-hand turn or authorized U-turn.

Challenge the 55 MPH Blues & CVC 22406

The decision to challenge a speeding ticket or designated lane violation received on I-80 in the Truckee, Nevada County area is wise because the State must prove your guilt. Depending on how the LEO determined your speed, there are various technicalities, which a judge could consider for your ticket dismissal. And, a trucker or bus driver could get forced into the third lane by the unsafe act of another vehicle, pedestrian, or animal. Always consult a traffic ticket lawyer.

Radar and lidar (determines speed by laser) devices require frequent calibration and training for the LEO using it. In many cases, radar and lidar are not accurate in bad weather. Likewise, if the LEO issues a ticket based on the “estimate” of your speed being too fast for conditions, could be overturned when it was a novice officer making the approximation. There are instances when a ticket too close to a speed limit change is not acceptable to a judge. CDL holders usually have no choice but to fight a ticket or lose their job.

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CVC 22406 & 22348 (c)Other Speed Laws

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