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Those interested in making truck driving a career should choose a trucking school based on these five categories: tuition, job placement, instruction, financing, and student reviews. Despite some schools having better courses or more behind the wheel training, often the best school is the one that is closest to you.  The best school might be in Los Angeles (California Truck Driving Academy) or Santa Ana (America Truck Driving School), but if you live in Roseville, paying for lodging might make one of those schools financially prohibitive.

However, attending Western Trucking Academy with a possible placement with Henderson or another Sacramento trucking firm, might be just what a candidate living in Roseville needs. Another option in Sacramento is the Road Master Driving School with a possible placement at Walmart at $90k annually. All trucking schools in California must have Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) approval. 

The DMV 2019 Commercial Drivers Manual

It is essential to note you can gather a great deal of knowledge from the DMV’s 2019 Commercial DriverManual available in .pdf format. After reading the manual, you can take several sample exams online. These two tools will give you an excellent outlook of where you stand before you take the actual exam. However, there are still many other requirements you will need to accomplish before getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL). 

The most challenging portion of the CDL process is the actual driving skills test and physical inspection of the truck you will drive. Without attending a trucking school, you need a willing mentor to assist. Some trucking companies assign someone to you, but most don’t assign a mentor until after you get your CDL. 

Although attending a trucking school is not mandatory to get a CDL, the behind the wheel experience, mentorship, possible financing, and job placement is priceless. 

Trucking School Tuition, Roseville & Elsewhere  

All trucking schools charge tuition. However, many schools offer emplacements with trucking companies that might pay your tuition. Others pay 90% after you pass the CDL exam, some allow payment options, and some schools offer tuition assistance for low-income or unemployed. 

Veterans, active Reserve, or National Guard should also check for G.I. Bill eligibility for the school they choose. The G.I. Bill could pay tuition and a monthly housing stipend. Check the VA’s benefits page for more details. 

Job Placement Possibilities

Job placement is available from so many trucking schools now; it doesn’t make sense to choose a school that doesn’t offer this unless you already have an offer. Therefore, it is wise to choose a trucking school that offers job placement. Plus, acceptance with a firm will give you a personal point of contact to help with questions.

Instruction & Behind the Wheel 

It is crucial to look for a school that gives you one-on-one driver’s training with experienced drivers. Hands-on driving skills are essential to passing the CDL driving skills and inspection test. However, trip planning and map reading should be a part of your instruction as well. 

Student Reviews

One of the best methods to determine if a school is right for you is by reading student reviews. Truck Driving Schools Info lists 130 California CDL trucking schools with student reviews, tuition, loan availability, scholarships, and their program of instruction. 

Learn How to Keep a Clean CDL

Once you get your CDL, the next thing you should be concerned with is keeping it free of convictions so that you can get the high-paying jobs only available to drivers with a clean record.  Experienced CDL holders will tell you that you must challenge every traffic ticket, even in your private vehicle, because even one ticket can be a career ender. 

A conviction or paid fine for a minor infraction (such as following too closely for a regular driver) requires paying a fine and attending traffic school, but for a CDL holder in a CMV, it is a serious violation. Always consult a traffic ticket attorney before paying a traffic ticket.   

Consult a California Licensed & Roseville Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300 when you need assistance with a traffic ticket in the Sacramento or Roseville area. We regularly resolve violations for CDL holders in Roseville Traffic Court. We practice only traffic law using a flat fee so that you know exactly how much you will pay for our fee. Although we can’t always get a dismissal or reduced no-point conviction, we have an excellent success rate with truckers. 

We also handle extended NOTS points for CDL Holders and DMV NOTS Hearings. 

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