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Speeding 100+ Will Cost You Plenty - Here’s What You Can Save —You could save yourself a 30-day automatic suspension of your driving privileges! You could save yourself a $900 to $2500 fine. You might be able to save yourself a mandatory court appearance. You could save yourself two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points, and thus you could save double or triple auto insurance premiums! According to CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348Speed Laws, a first-conviction base fine shall not “exceed five hundred dollars ($500).” 

The base fine is before the state and county add surcharges, fees, and assessments — ten to be exact. The state assesses a 100 percent penalty, the county a 70 percent penalty, there are fees for night court even when it’s not available in your area, a court construction fee, a DNA Identification surcharge, and more. Some judges also tack on a 100 dollar penalty for each MPH over 100. However, believe us when we say the fine is only a one-time expense, and your insurance premium increase will be much more painful financially.    

You’re Probably Wondering If You Should Tell the Truth about Speeding 100+

You may be wondering how you could save any of that when you know you were doing 102. Well, you could start by not answering when the law enforcement officer (LEO), CHP, or Barstow’s finest ask you the infamous question, “do you know how fast you were going?” That’s correct; you have the right to remain quiet. Of course, since this speeding 100+ is not a criminal offense but a traffic infraction, the LEO does not have to inform you of that right. 

You have the right to an attorney, and like the right to not incriminate yourself, you should use it. Sure, you could try to save a little money and represent yourself. But, if attorneys in other areas of law hire traffic ticket attorneys to defend their speeding tickets, what makes you think you have a better chance than they do? Like all DIY projects, some are best left to a professional. 

Traffic Court and Speeding 100+ MPH Tickets

Traffic court is unlike any other court you have ever been in or saw on TV or in the movies. It’s true they don’t often have compelling courtroom dramas based in traffic court. Even though it is fast-paced and at times dramatic. You could sit waiting half the day for your minute in court, or two minutes. However, in traffic court, you will likely not get more than that. Forget about asking for a recess to get a witness or draw a diagram. That is one courtroom theatric unavailable in traffic court. 

If you don’t believe it go down to 235 East Mountain View Street in Barstow, sit in the gallery, and watch for a couple of hours. Watch as some very intelligent looking people make a fool of themselves trying to convince the judge they were guilty, but there were exceptional circumstances. They were in a hurry to pick up their kids from daycare because they have a strict policy… or, they were speeding, but they were just keeping up with traffic… or, “Your honor, I know I was speeding, but please consider my salary…” 

We spend day after day in that same gallery and hear every case, not just those that match yours. We know how a certain judge rules in certain situations. We know the elements of the CA Vehicle Code and what the LEO must testify to in order to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

Traffic Attorneys Know the Court, the Judge, and the LEO

If you watched your traffic attorney in court, you might ask yourself, “is that all there was to it? Why did it cost me so much when it was over in less than five minutes?” Traffic ticket attorneys make their money before they appear in court. Your traffic ticket attorney sets the date and lays the foundation for a good defense long before he steps in court.  For instance, he must investigate when the device was last calibrated and check to see if the LEO had adequate training on the use and maintenance of the radar gun or lidar device. 

Your traffic ticket attorney will write a request for dismissal based on those findings or request a reduced charge as a plea agreement.

The Truth About Auto Insurance Premiums After a Speeding 100+ Conviction

The expense of increased insurance premiums alone should be enough to convince you that you need a knowledgeable and experienced traffic law attorney. If convicted of speeding 100+, unless they buy an old clunker and pay only for the minimum coverage, auto insurance would cost the average Californian an additional $10,000 + in increased premiums after a conviction during the seven years it will remain on their motor vehicle driving record.  

Barstow Traffic Court in San Bernardino County, CA

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, when you receive a speeding 100+ mph ticket or any traffic ticket. Your initial phone consultation is free without obligation. We will give you a straightforward review of your chances and how much our flat fee will be. 

Hundreds of the 2000 or more favorable outcomes we have gotten for California drivers have been for speeding 100+ mph. We defend them like nobody else. If traffic attorneys had a trademark defense, ours would be speeding 100+ mph. We regularly appear in Barstow Traffic Court because I-15 from LA to Vegas is where the second most speeding 100+ mph tickets are written. The most are written on I-5 between LAX and San Francisco, and we defend a lot of those as well.   

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CVC CVC) 22348Speed Laws
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