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Big Help for a 100 MPH Ticket in Barstow, CA

Ouch, this 100 mph ticket is how much? It's a painful experience. Getting a speeding ticket in California is the psychological equivalent of smashing our tiny pinky toe into a piece of furniture that hangs out just a little too far, only it lingers much, much longer. After a 100 mph speeding conviction, you will feel the financial effects for seven years. However, the conviction is not just financially inconvenient. Not only do you face a substantial fine, you will also face a 30-day suspension of your driving privileges.

A conviction for speeding over 100 mph can quickly flip your life upside down, even when you feel as though you weren't going that fast. No one ever does. With the risk of being out $900 to $2500, soaring insurance rates (double or triple your current rate), and a suspended license for one month; you have to know what to do to defend yourself and to avoid getting these big tickets.

How Does This Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Even Know How Fast I was Going?

LEOs are trained to use equipment known as radar and lidar to determine your speed. By law, both pieces of equipment require calibration before use and at least every three years thereafter. Radar gathers information on the speeds of many objects within its cone-shaped range.

Lidar is a laser used for tracking speed and distance. After bouncing off of a reflective surface, the laser feeds data back to the officer. Another method an LEO can use is known as pacing. An officer follows a vehicle they suspect of speeding. The LEO checks their speedometer to verify if you were speeding 100 mph.

It could be easy for an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to raise doubt about the accuracy of the machine or the pacing method if the LEO does not have much experience, was not trained on the device or it was not recently calibrated.

100 MPH Versus 101 MPH Tickets

Say the officer recorded your speed at 100 mph, you will likely pay around $500 for the ticket, get a Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) point assessed against your driving record and you may or may not be authorized by the court clerk to attend the Traffic Violators School (TVS) to hold confidential your conviction.

If, however, you were going 25 mph over the limit, you will need a judge’s authorization to attend TVS. TVS is an excellent benefit and well worth hiring a traffic ticket attorney to request authorization. Without TVS, your insurance will increase significantly and could cost the average CA driver $2000 over the three-year period the conviction will stay on your driving record.

If the LEO clocked you at 100 mph or more, you are not authorized TVS, you have a mandatory court appearance, and the DMV will assess two NOTS points if you are convicted. This assessment could double or triple your auto insurance because the insurance company will suspend your “good driver’s discount” and place you in an increased risk category. For the seven years the two-point assessment will stay on your record; it could cost you $28,000 if you have a nice car and everything goes against you.

If you decide to represent yourself or plead guilty and ask for leniency, it would be a good idea to have a ride ready for when you leave the courtroom. Judges in California are utilizing the clause in CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348, Speed Laws, which states, “The court may also suspend the privilege of the person to operate a motor vehicle for a period not to exceed 30 days…” If you have a speeding 100 mph ticket, you need an attorney.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys Who Regularly Represent Clients in Barstow, CA

A fine from $900-$2500 can give anyone a headache. Consulting legal aid might be just the medicine you need. An informed attorney can work towards reducing the major infraction (speeding 100 mph) to a minor infraction that won't raise your insurance rates with TVS attendance. A case built by a professional sometimes results in the ticket being dismissed. Although no attorney can promise a reduced charge or dismissal, your best chance is to consult with a practicing traffic ticket attorney.

Prepare Yourself

Talk to an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Speeding 100 mph is not a typical speeding ticket, consult with Bigger & Harman to discover what options are available to drivers in the Barstow, CA area. A dismissal means no fine, no points, and no doubled or tripled auto insurance premium.

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