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Getting a speeding ticket can cause a lot of unnecessary problems in a person’s life. These tickets, with a paid fine or conviction, which is essentially the same thing, can result in several after-effects that are costly financially, and some can even prevent you from advancing in your career or from driving your vehicle.

Although there are ways to prevent getting a speeding ticket, there are at least five ways a speeding ticket conviction can mess up your life. A conviction for a speeding ticket will lead to significant fines, and cause higher insurance premiums that can put your budget into a tailspin.  Plus, some speeding tickets have an automatic suspension. Likewise, it could affect your ability to get certain jobs or a promotion in your chosen career. 

For many, a speeding ticket conviction leads to a downward spiral from which they cannot recover. Just the fine for a 1-15 mph ticket and increased insurance premium can cost as much as $2,000. For a young person with a family earning the minimum wage with rent, a car payment, and groceries, this can be devastating. Always consult a traffic ticket attorney before you pay the fine.

#1 — Fines for Speeding Ticket Conviction

One way a ticket for speeding can mess up your life is the expensive fines. A minimum fine for speeding 1-15 mph over the speed limit is $230-250, and they go up from there. Speeding 16-24 mph over the limit is $360-375, and 25 mph over up to 100 mph is almost $500. All of these come with an assessment of one Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) by the DMV. 

When a driver reaches four NOTS points within twelve months, six within 24, or eight within 36 months, their driver’s license can get suspended by the DMV. 

What’s more, a speeding ticket conviction for 100+ mph garners a fine of $900-2,600, two NOTS points, and an automatic court-ordered 30-day suspension. Your best option is to consult a traffic ticket attorney before your mandatory court appearance. 

#2 — Higher Auto Insurance Rates

Whenever you get a ticket for speeding, you will likely pay higher auto insurance premiums. Companies that provide auto insurance will usually increase your rates due to a recent traffic infraction. First, you will lose your “Good driver’s discount,” and then the insurer will put you in an increased risk category.

#3 — Suspended License for Speeding Ticket 

Another way, as mentioned above, in which a ticket for speeding can mess up your life is by getting your driver’s license suspended. With a suspended license, you will not be authorized to drive, and this can affect your ability to go to work or school.

#4 — Inability to Get Certain Jobs

A ticket can also result in your inability to get specific employment. It could affect your ability to get a security clearance. Plus, occupations that require a driver want someone with a clean driving record. With a ticket, you will have a blemish on your driving record, and you may be unable to get the job. 

#5 — Denied Promotions

When you get a ticket for speeding, you can also get denied a promotion or a particular position due to your boss believing that you are irresponsible. As a result, you can miss out on getting an increase in salary and hurt your reputation at work.

As a result of these potential consequences, you will want to get a better understanding of how to get legal representation to help you.

Consult with a Kern County Speeding Ticket Attorney 

Any time you get a ticket for speeding, it is essential to consult with a traffic ticket attorney. With an attorney, you will be able to get the advice and guidance you need to get a dismissal, reduced charge, and minimize the adverse effects. An attorney will appear in court for you to challenge the ticket and possibly get you a favorable result. 

Anyone who gets convicted of speeding will suffer consequences that harm their daily life. Therefore, they should consult an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help them resolve this infraction.

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