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The make and model of a car, more often than the color, makes it more likely to get pulled over. Most believe flashy colored sports cars are magnets for law enforcement. However, it’s not just the color, but luxury cars like Mercedes, Lincoln, and Lexus are models that get ticketed more. Particularly, the Mercedes SL-550, which is more than four times as likely to get ticketed. 

Traffic statistics prove that high-priced sedans and luxury coupes receive more tickets. Whereas the drivers of wagons, SUVs (except the Hummer H2, which is three times as likely to get a ticket), and minivans receive fewer tickets. Perhaps it’s because law enforcement officers (LEO) are more likely to give a mother with a van full of kids a break or a warning than the driver of a luxury sedan. Gender also plays a role, as men get almost one-third more tickets than ladies. And, white cars get more tickets than red sports cars. 

However, that statistic could be misleading because the number of white sedans on the road far outnumber red sports cars. Nearly 70 percent of cars are black, white, silver or gray. Therefore, those colors would naturally get more tickets because there are more of those.

It’s anybody’s guess why some high profile cars are more likely to get tickets than others. However, many believe it has more to do with the person driving the car, rather than its make, model or color. Most people with high profile, expensive cars are usually middle-aged with money and maybe a need for speed. Some psychologists say the empty-nest syndrome or middle-age crisis makes this age bracket crave excitement. 

 High Profile Car or Not, What to Do When You Do Get Pulled Over 

If you are pulled over, do not admit guilt. Many people believe they will get a break if they play up to the officer’s sympathy by saying something like, “I know I was going a little over the speed limit, but I was just keeping up with traffic.” Or, “I know the light was red, but the car behind me was so close.” 

The best thing you can do is sign the ticket and consult with a traffic ticket attorney. If they say challenge the ticket, then that is when you should present your defense, without admitting guilt. Remember, the state must prove your guilt; admitting it will just make their job easier and your attorney’s more difficult. 

Some Other Interesting Statistics

One in six drivers will get a speeding ticket this year. Ninety-five percent of the people who receive a traffic ticket will not challenge the ticket but simply pay the fine. Of the five percent who fight their ticket, most are women, and of those who hire an attorney, 95 percent have their ticket dismissed. 

The law enforcement officer who issued the ticket does not show up in court one-third to one-half of the time, which in California means the ticket will get dismissed. These no-shows are often due to retirement, transfer, or other duty. Do you think it’s possible a traffic lawyer that spends nearly all their working hours in traffic court might know which ones will not show? 

Fines alone raised six billion dollars on 40 million speeding tickets in America in 2017. $36 billion more through increased auto insurance. What many do not realize is the fine is just the beginning. You could pay the increased insurance rate for three to ten years. Therefore, when someone tells you it’s easier just to pay the fine, they’re right. It is easier to pay the fine, but a lot more expensive. 

Traffic Ticket Lawyers Who Regularly Practice in Mono County

When you get a traffic ticket out there on I-395, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755. 

Although we maintain our office in Bakersfield, we represent drivers in Owens and Central Valley with traffic tickets. And, assist with DMV NOTS Hearings. We do not practice any other type of law. Traffic law is not a sideline for us. That means we can focus our attention on the issues a traffic ticket recipient faces. Give us a call, send us an email, or personal message us on Facebook.  We are here to serve you. 


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