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The CVSA International Roadside Inspection Blitz

5-7 June 2018 marked the 30thanniversary of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadside Inspection Blitz. Commercial motor vehicles (CMV), mainly truck and trailer combos and passenger buses, along with their drivers were checked at weigh stations, inspection sites, and at roving patrol locations on major highways, freeways, and roadways in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Although statistics are still being gathered, this annual event and its inspectors ran an estimated 4 million trucks through Level I Compliance Checks. These checks focus on cargo securement, mechanical conditions, driver qualifications, daily logs, daily driver inspection reports, and Hazardous Material (HazMat) handling. This is a 37-step inspection procedure, which includes the examination of vehicle maintenance and driver requirements.

This year’s overall focus was on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and Hours of Service (HOS). HOS compliance is always a subject of inspection at a roadside inspection. However, this is the first 72-hour Roadside Inspection Blitz since the full enforcement of the ELD mandate on 18 April 2018. 

The ELD mandate took effect on 17 December 2017, but the first four months were used as a “get out of jail free” period for noncompliance with ELD, but not for non-compliance with HOS regulations. The primary reason for the “grace period” was to give drivers, inspectors, and fleet management time to familiarize themselves with the ELD operations.   

Shortcomings Noted at Roadside Inspections    

The CVSA is currently gathering and analyzing statistical data. However, some of the significant deficiencies fell in line with those noted in previous roadside inspections. These mechanical issues, in order of abundance were: lights, tires, brakes adjustments, and cracked windshields.    

Only a small percentage of drivers were caught not using safety belts or had faulty seatbelts. Those caught seemed surprised to see videos of themselves fastening their belts as they approached the weigh stations or inspection points.  

HOS violations appear to be down significantly over 2017 numbers, which found 84 percent of those inspected were complying. 2017 numbers were significantly better than the 54 percent recorded in 1997, twenty years ago. 

However, the CVSA expected lower numbers since most HOS violations are “Form and Manner” violations, which are mostly permanent entries when using the ELD. Of course, some still need to be updated at a Record of Duty Status (RODS) change, such as the date, total miles driven, etc. Likewise, the majority of drivers and vehicles are using the ELD or AOBRD, though accurate numbers are not yet available. 

The 2018 CVSA International Roadside Inspection Blitz was more of an educational tool for inspectors and drivers, instead of a “gotcha” when it came to ELD compliant machines. Watch for future articles to get accurate numbers reported by the CVSA.

NOTE:The CVSA’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled September 16ththrough the 22nd

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