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undefinedSpeeding tickets are some of the most frequently issued in California. These tickets result in costly fines for conviction. CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348Speed Laws prohibits driving 100 mph or more on CA freeways. This traffic law prescribes several consequences, one of which is a 30-day suspension at the discretion of the traffic court judge. 

Most of these speeding tickets are heard in traffic courts in Barstow, CA. The two highways with the most 100+ mph speeding tickets are I-5 between LAX and San Francisco; the other is I-15 between LA and Vegas. The route from LAX to SF sees more affluent drivers in rental cars. However, I-15 in the Barstow area has more drivers who think law enforcement do not patrol this desert area very well. Law enforcement officers (LEO) position themselves on the roadway and wait for the speeding drivers on their way to Vegas or thrill seekers in the desert, and then issue them speeding tickets.

How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

There are different ways used by the officers to determine whether a person is speeding. These include:

  • Pacing, which involves the traffic officers following a suspected speeder for a considerable distance until they are sure of the speed. The officer determines the speed by checking their speed gauges.
  • Radar refers to Radio Detection and Ranging. It operates electronically by targeting a vehicle. It sends out a radio signal to the car using a transmission device. The signal gets reflected back to the radar device, picked up by a receiver, and then displays the vehicle’s speed on the device. 
  • Lidar refers to Light (laser) Detection and Ranging. It operates in a way like Radar except with laser. A sending device is used to reflect laser beams on a moving car. A reflection gets sent back from the car, and a sensor analyzes the reflection to determine speed. 

Technicalities are always possible with these methods due to required training, calibration, and mechanical inaccuracies of the patrol car gauges. You should always consult with a traffic ticket attorney to determine if there is a possibility for dismissal or a reduced charge. 

Due to the significant fines levied by CA traffic courts for those convicted of speeding, it is essential to learn how to avoid getting a speeding ticket. A few of the methods to avoid speeding tickets include obeying the speed limit, increased attention when driving, and not “keeping up with traffic,” which is not an acceptable accuse in traffic court. 

Many with speeding tickets admit guilt either to the ticketing officer or in court by saying, “Everyone was speeding, I was just keeping up with traffic. When I came upon a slow driver, I sped up to pass and then saw the lights and heard the siren.” Many LEOs have been trained to ask, “Excuse me, sir or ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?” 

Understanding The 100+ MPH Rule

Driving at a speed of over 100 mph is a violation that can result in a base fine of up to $500. With state and county assessments, the actual fine can total $900-2600. However, the fine is just the beginning. DMV will assess two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points. 

When your auto insurance comes up for renewal, your premium will likely double or even triple. The increased insurance could cost the average Californian more than $14,000 over the seven-year period the conviction will stay on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). Many believe they will pay a substantial fine and drive off into the sunset. Not necessarily true, speeding tickets for 100+ mph requires a mandatory court appearance for you or your attorney (Inyo County will sometimes waive this). A conviction could also result in a suspension of the driver's license for 30 days. When facing speeding tickets for more than 100 mph, consult a traffic ticket attorney.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys Who Frequently Challenge Speeding Tickets in Barstow, CA

It is crucial to consult with a traffic attorney because it could result in reduced charges or an outright dismissal of the ticket. 100+ mph tickets in and around Barstow are issued every day, and the pace of traffic court cases are intense. Therefore, before you decide to represent yourself in Barstow Traffic Court, consult with a lawyer, and possibly avoid a substantial fine, NOTS points, significantly increased insurance premiums, and possible suspension of driving privileges. You could save yourself more than $14,000.

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