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Although the Federal Government does regulate truck weight and lengths, it does not issue permits for overwide, overweight, or over-length trucks. The company or owner-operator must get a permit for each state they plan to haul cargo through to comply or face a possible citation. You can find the state’s point of contacts here. In CA, a single unit "vehicle may not exceed a length of 40 feet."

Over-Length Trucks and Non-Divisible Loads

The company or owner-operator are responsible for dividing oversized loads into smaller loads and transporting on two or more vehicles whenever possible. The Federal DOT defines a non-divisible load as: any cargo that by regulation is over-length, weight, or width, but cannot be broken down without compromising the vehicle’s intended use or the function for which it was intended. Or, if dividing the load would destroy the load’s value, make it unusable, or would require more than eight work hours to separate. The individual or company requesting the permit has the burden of proving the eight work-hour limit.

Check Appendix C of 23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 658 to determine weight and size dimension allowed by each state. In CA that is 48 feet 0 inches, though semi-trailers up to 53 feet can operate without a permit when the kingpin-to-rearmost axle is 38 feet with one axle, and 40 feet with two or more axles.

However, more information is available on the Caltrans Vehicle Lengths website and in CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 35400, Length. There are many exceptions to the vehicle length, such as cranes, well-drilling vehicles, house cars, articulated buses and trolley coaches, etc. Drivers should check either the Caltrans website or CVC Sections 35400-35414 for clarity and to avoid a citation for an over-length vehicle.

All California state residents with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) must have an endorsement on their license for combination vehicles. No combination of vehicles and load can exceed 75 feet without an exemption or permit.

Over-Length Projections

Over-length projections such as poles, pipes, and timbers that extend four feet or more past the taillights or the sides of the vehicle must have an 18-inch square red or fluorescent orange cloth or flag when the projection is two feet wide or less. Projections more than two feet wide need two flags. Hours of darkness must have two red lamps in addition to taillights that can be visible up to 500 feet to the rear or sides if over width.

Discuss Your Over-Length Ticket with a Traffic Attorney for Riverside County

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