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While flatbed trucking you could run into some cargo control challenges. Hauling flatbed cargo is worth more money than a closed tractor-trailer primarily because the employer expects the driver to do more to make sure they protect their cargo. Following strict rules when flatbed trucking is necessary, neglecting to do so could be very apparent to CHP officers out on patrol and at the “chicken coop” or weight station. Flatbed trucks with equipment issues are more visible than those concealed in a closed container.

Containers and closed trucks also help protect the load from the three most significant challenges faced while flatbed trucking, which are weather, road vibration, and load shifting. 

How to Avoid Tickets While Flatbed Trucking

When the flatbed trucker avoids those three challenges, they will likely avoid getting a ticket. Of course, there are other challenges which could be anything from being overweight to not ensuring the cargo stays tied down securely. However, there are some things a trucker can do to avoid weather damage and eventual load shifting due to road vibration which will, in turn, help them avoid tickets while flatbed trucking.

1. Experienced flatbed truckers know to stop periodically and check that their cargo is secure. They know they must tighten tie-downs during the trip or equipment and cargo could fly off the truck. When equipment or cargo falls off the truck, getting a ticket is likely the least of their worries. It could lead to someone being seriously injured or killed. Making good use of containers, tarps, and tie-downs as well as pads, blocks, and edge protectors will help to keep that load in place and you out of traffic court.

2. Make sure your load is evenly balanced, and you stay under legal weight limits. Ask fleet management about axle lengths and weight limits for each state you will need to pass through to determine if you require special permits. 

3. Make sure your cargo is covered adequately to protect it from the weather. Covering the load with tarps and tying those down also help to keep things from spilling or falling off. During rest stops and refueling, jump up there on the flatbed to get a close look at your load and make sure nothing has loosened.

Why Consulting a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Is Important

Not only could getting a ticket result in you getting fired, but you could also end up not being able to get hired on with another company. Remember, you must file a ten-year history when applying for any job that requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Furthermore, tickets for equipment issues carry hefty fines, and some safety issues are misdemeanors which, if convicted, could carry jail time. 

Hiring a traffic lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced with the CA Vehicle Code and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) is an excellent start. You will want to find a lawyer who has a reputation for defending flatbed trucking tickets. Traffic ticket defense lawyers know what it takes to win because they are there in the courtroom even while defending other unrelated cases. They are well-versed on rulings handed down by traffic court judges regarding flatbed trucking. 

All CDL holders know they must fight every ticket. They know mistakes occur occasionally, but they also know they cannot afford to lay down on any ticket because it could end their career. 

Traffic Attorneys for Tulare County

Flatbed trucking in Tulare County means you’re out there on 65, 99, and 198 putting in the miles delivering the goods to America’s marketplaces and bringing home the bacon for your family’s survival. Don’t let the challenges of flatbed trucking put you out of business. When you get a ticket, call Bigger & Harman. 

Bigger & Harman protect the rights of drivers across Central Valley and have an exceptional reputation with truckers and other CDL holders, as well as LEOs and traffic court members. They practice only traffic law and are in the trenches in traffic courts throughout Central Valley on a near-daily basis. They know what it takes to fight and win. Although they cannot promise a dismissal in every case, they are always there protecting your legal rights from start to finish. 

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, free of charge and obligation to determine what is the right option for you. Se habla Español 661.349.9755.

They represent clients on a flat fee basis, so there is never a surprise or hidden fee. No matter how many court appearances it takes to resolve your ticket or how many hours, you will never pay more.    

Send them an email today, Contact them on their Facebook page by private message. Read the reviews written by other truckers on YelpAvvo, and Nolo where you can read how they have assisted other professional drivers with traffic tickets. You know you must fight the ticket, don’t go it alone! 


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