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If you get pulled over in California for traffic violations, you need to consult with a traffic ticket defense lawyer. Protect your license, your insurance rates, and your future as a CA licensed driver. Call or email a traffic ticket attorney.

Top Ten Traffic Violations

The following are California's top ten traffic violations:

1. Speeding Tickets- The most common of all traffic violations in CA is speeding. Watch for speed limit changes in construction zones, residential neighborhoods, school zones, and on major highways where city limits and steep mountain grades restrict speeds. Construction areas and school zones with workers or pupils present and signs posted will double the fine.

2. Red-Light Tickets or Stop Sign Violations– Trying to “push through” and make it through a yellow light can result in a traffic ticket. When stopping at a stop sign, you must come to a complete stop – don’t roll through. Likewise, there are camera-enforced red-light tickets in most major cities in CA. A red-light ticket can cost around $500 if convicted and could raise your insurance premiums by as much as $1500-$2000 for the three years it will stay on your driving record.

3. Following too closely or Tailgating– You can receive a ticket for following too closely, particularly in rain or poor conditions. According to CVC 21704, Following too Closely, vehicles subject to CVC 22406, Other Speed Laws, must remain 300 feet behind the vehicle in its lane ahead. CVC 22406 applies mostly to trucks, vehicles hauling a trailer, and buses. Tailgating is frequently found to initiate road rage.

4. Unsafe Lane Change– Use your turn signals. On the freeway, changing lanes frequently and quickly may draw a law enforcement officer’s attention.

5. Railroad Crossing Violations– Railroad crossing rules require stopping before the limit line or first track at railroad stops and never stop on the tracks. Officers frequent railroad crossings to keep them safe and will ticket in these areas.

6. Wrong-Way Traffic Violations– Pay careful attention for signs that direct a one-way street, or one-way only entrance and exits. Driving the wrong way is very dangerous, especially entering the wrong way on a freeway.

7. Reckless Driving – Used as a “catch-all” ticket, this is issued for a multitude of traffic violations that, in the officer’s perception, have made your driving behavior a “willful or wanton” danger to other drivers, pedestrians, and property.

8. Passing in a No Passing Zone– No Passing Zones, marked by signs and a double yellow or double white line, prohibit changing lanes. Violating these rules can results in a one-point NOTS ticket.

9. Not Stopping for a School Bus or Pedestrian- Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk and school buses when picking up or dropping off students.

10. Cell Phone Tickets– Using your cell phone while driving (without a hands-free set up) can result in a ticket. Although this is a no-point, non-moving violation, a conviction can affect your ability to get a better paying job with another trucking company.

Defending Against Traffic Violations

If you get cited for one of these violations or any traffic ticket, consult with a traffic ticket defense lawyer. If convicted, the accompanying fine can be substantial – and could result in increased auto insurance rates. One conviction or paid fine (counted as a conviction) could cost more than $2000 in fines and increased insurance over the next three years and the ticket for a minor infraction will remain on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR).

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor in CA, and a conviction will stay on your MVR and raise your insurance premiums for ten years and stay on your criminal record for life. Consult with a traffic ticket defense lawyer at once, before you make any statements to law enforcement.

Kern County

Now that you know what the top ten traffic tickets are in CA, you should know that one of the top traffic ticket defense teams in Central Valley is Bigger & Harman. When you have any traffic violations, call (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español 661.349.9755.

Send an email including an attached scanned copy of your ticket, with a concise summary of the event in as much detail as possible. Traffic law technicalities have made dismissals, reduced charges, and no-point violations possible with any ticket.

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The 2018 CA Driver Handbook .pdf

The 2018 California Superior Court Bail Schedule for Infractions and Misdemeanors.pdf

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