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How Much Will a Red Light Ticket Cost Me?

Whether you were in a hurry or just did not see the red light, when you get a red light ticket, it can ruin your day. While in comparison to many other types of traffic infractions a red light ticket is minor, it may not seem so minor when you start adding up the costs. Beyond the initial cost of the ticket, you can also add on higher insurance premiums, points on your license and other possible fees.

Initial Red Light Ticket Fines

There are several different types of red light ticket infractions. These all are issued for failing to follow the traffic laws in California for red lights. The infractions under California VC 21453 can include:

  • Not stopping at a red light
  • Not correctly yielding to pedestrians or vehicles
  • Not stopping at a flashing red light
  • Running a red arrow

The fines for red light tickets are usually $490, but that is just the fine of the ticket. Once you plead guilty by paying the ticket, you can be facing other costs for years in the form of points on your license and higher insurance premiums.

Points and Insurance Premiums

On top of your red light ticket cost, you will have one point added to your driver’s license for a class C license, class A or B licenses will have 1 ½ points added if in a commercial vehicle. These stay on your record for at least three years. If you already have other points on your record, or receive additional points in the next three years, this “small” infraction can lead to a license suspension under NOTS.

Another consideration is your insurance. Depending on what else is on your record and who your insurance carrier is, you can be facing higher premiums for the next three years for your red light ticket. Even a $20/month hike in premiums can add up to over a thousand dollars over three years.

Fight That Red Light Ticket

Do not assume that a red light ticket is not a big deal. In the long run, it can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and contribute to a license suspension. There are ways to fight or negate a red light ticket with an experienced traffic attorney on your side. The team at Bigger & Harman can help you review your options, including traffic school or fighting for complete dismissal of your ticket.

If you live in Bakersfield, LA, Fresno, Tulare County or any of the surrounding areas, contact our office at 661.349.9300 for a free consultation to discuss your red light ticket case.


California VC 21453


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