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Can I Successfully Fight a Second Speeding Ticket?

One speeding ticket is bad enough, but when you find yourself getting pulled over for a second speeding ticket, you could be facing some serious consequences. Not only do you need to contend with the fine for the ticket, you need to consider what those extra points will mean on your California driver’s license and how it will affect your insurance rates. Fighting your second speeding ticket may be the best way to avoid extra costs and possible license suspension, but can you win the fight?

Consequences of a Second Speeding Ticket

You may be wondering whether it is worth the cost to fight a second speeding ticket. After all, the fine is sometimes less than legal fees. However, when you look at the possible long-term costs and potential penalties, there is more at stake than just a fine. Some factors to consider include:

  • How many points do you have? Speeding tickets can add one, two or more points to your license, depending on the speed and whether you have a CDL. If you already have at least one speeding ticket in the last year, you could be close to losing your license under NOTS.
  • Were you speeding 100+ MPH? Speeding tickets over 100 MPH are serious and can be costly, even resulting in a license suspension, making them worth fighting.
  • Insurance premium hike. Another speeding ticket on your record could bump up your insurance premiums. Most insurance carriers look at least three years back for speeding tickets, longer for more serious infractions. This means your second speeding ticket could be costing you more in insurance premiums for the next three years.

When you look at the possible risks and costs of adding another speeding ticket to your record, it is worth the time and money to consider fighting to have it dismissed.

Defenses for a Second Speeding Ticket

Just because you already have a speeding ticket on your record does not mean you cannot successfully fight your second speeding ticket. There are many possible defenses an experienced traffic attorney can use to help you win your case. Your attorney can evaluate the circumstances and determine the best defense to get a favorable outcome, up to and including complete dismissal of your second speeding ticket.

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Negligent Operator Treatment System NOTS.

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