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Avoiding a 30-Day License Suspension

Avoiding A 30-Day License Suspension

The CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22348, Speed Laws, specifically states that a person convicted of speeding over 100 mph could receive a fine of up to $500 and a 30-day suspension of their driving privileges. The $500 maximum is the base fine and does not include state and county penalties, surcharges, and fees. Although the CA State Legislature approved a “not to exceed” fine of $500, they have since approved ten separate add-ons for emergency medical technicians and air transports, a court construction penalty, DNA ID funding, night court (whether you use it or not), and both state and county assessments. What they use those revenues for are not defined. You might pay five to seven times the base fine.

Although the amount fluctuates depending on the county and the sitting judge, a conviction of speeding over 100 mph will normally cost $900-$2600, even for the first-offender. Despite the exorbitant fines, avoiding the license suspension is crucial for you and your family’s livelihood. Statistics show a large percentage of drivers that get a suspension never get their license back. Speeding over 100 mph is a major infraction that requires a court appearance, and you would be wise to consult with a traffic ticket attorney that regularly handles 100+ mph cases and gets dismissals.

I-15 to Vegas, Barstow, and a License Suspension

The second most 100+ mph speeding tickets in CA happen on the way to and from Vegas, the first is between LAX and San Francisco. A large percentage of those are on I-15 in the Barstow, CA area. It must be something to do with all that desert and the desire to get someplace fun. So, what’s the harm of opening it up a bit when there’s no traffic or inclement weather to make the roads slippery? Many feel the urge to step down on the gas pedal a little out there in the desert and get where they’re going a little quicker, whether it’s Vegas or back home. Especially between Barstow and Yermo, there’s just nothing out there to see, and your mind starts wondering.

Scripps Howard News service states, “I-15 stretch is deadliest road in U.S.” That stretch from LA to Vegas killed 1,069 people over a 15-year timeframe. “That's more than double the death toll from any other road in any other county.” Many contribute the deaths to speeding, but nearly ¼ were the result of a drunk driver, and other factors include occupants not wearing seatbelts, texting, eating, and other distractions.

Whether speeding through the desert in perfect conditions is right or wrong is a personal decision. However, when you seek to avoid a 30-day license suspension, don’t get caught speeding over 100+ mph; and if you do get a ticket, consult a traffic ticket attorney that regularly practices law in traffic court.

Avoid a License Suspension in Barstow, CA

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Bigger & Harman regularly defend 100 mph tickets in Barstow. Either one of them or one of their Barstow associates will take your case to traffic court. If you want to avoid a license suspension, high fines, and increased insurance rates, talk to Bigger & Harman. Although they can’t always get a reduced charge or dismissal in every circumstance, they give you your best opportunity. Send them an email: and a scanned copy of your ticket. They will get back to you by email or phone to let you know what your options are.

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