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You know that you are a skilled limo driver and keeping your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and limo driver’s license depends on  being a cautious driver. You always make sure you are 15 minutes early to pick up clients consistently, your interaction with customers is always professional, and you drive carefully – yet confidently – even in less than desirable weather conditions while being cautious of other drivers and complying with traffic laws. Unfortunately, even the most prudent drivers get speeding tickets occasionally. 

Drivers that keep their driving record clean get the best jobs. Those that collect too many blemishes wind up with no job and seemingly no hope, or drive for a minimum wage outfit transporting hotel guests back and forth to LAX. Only time and extreme care can heal those blemishes after speeding ticket convictions. Protecting your limo driver’s license and CDL after a speeding ticket requires you to challenge the ticket in traffic court and a professional traffic ticket attorney can help. Always consult with an attorney when you receive a traffic ticket. 

Don’t Jeopardize Your Limo Driver’s License with a Speeding Ticket

Driving less than the speed limit does not guarantee you will not receive a speeding ticket. CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22350Speed Lawsstates, “No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility…” California traffic law defines highway as any roadway designed for public transportation and not just Interstate 5 (I-5) or State Route 99 (SR-99). 

When the law enforcement officer (LEO) issues you a ticket for “driving too fast for conditions” they will usually state on the citation what the speed limit was, what speed you were going (determined by radar, lidar, or estimate), and how fast you were going over their “perceived” safe speed. 

Your fine and Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points depend on how fast you were driving over the speed limit or safe speed. That’s correct; an LEO can estimate your speed and based on their experience rather than fact, issue a speeding ticket. Yes, they can guess your speed and subjectively determine what the “safe speed” was at the time they observed you driving over that speed. 

Speeding 1-15 mph over the safe speed or speed limit is an approximate $230-250 fine, 16-24 mph over is $350-375, and 25 or more mph over is nearly $500. Many limo driver employers use a zero-tolerance system regarding speeding tickets, and one conviction could mean termination. 

Seems confusing and unfair, doesn’t it? It really depends on the LEO. An experienced police officer with many years on the force will usually get the benefit of the doubt from a traffic court judge. However, an officer with only a year or two of experience will likely invoke the ire of a judge by testifying, “I used my experience to estimate the speed of the driver as…” 

But, how do you know how much experience the officer that ticketed you has? How do you know the judge will not agree with him? Well truthfully, you don’t until you show up in court. However, a practicing traffic attorney who spends a great deal of time in court knows the judges, the court clerk, and many of the LEOs. 

Therefore, if the assigned judge is a strict by-the-book type, the attorney could choose to delay in hopes of getting a judge more favorable to their client. Likewise, they might know when a police officer is retiring or will not be available to appear. One of a driver’s rights is to question all witnesses against them, and unlike many other states, California requires the ticketing LEO to appear or the ticket could be dismissed. In many cases, it is not about guilt or innocence but how the law is applied. There are many technicalities involved with traffic ticket law, one of those could get your case dismissed or reduced to a no-point (non-moving) violation.    

Although all drivers with traffic tickets should consult a traffic ticket lawyer when they receive a ticket, CLD holders must challenge every moving violation to protect their career. Your limo driver’s license, even those not required to possess a CDL, is in jeopardy of suspension or revocation when you receive too many NOTS points. Consult with a ticket attorney when your limo driver’s license is endangered by another speeding ticket or any ticket for a moving violation.

Ticket Attorneys In Los Angeles County 

From the Airport Courthouse on South Lacienega to the Beverly Hills Courthouse, Bigger & Harman can help protect your driving privileges. Whether you have a limo driver’s license to transport one or two passengers to the airport or a CDL to transport 15 or more, you need expert representation and Bigger & Harman can provide that for you. 

They practice only traffic law; therefore, when they are not in their office writing requests for dismissal or conducting phone consultation and appointments, they are in traffic court, including many Los Angeles County courts. Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, for a free consultation concerning your circumstances. Se habla Español 661.349.9755.

Send us an email with the details of your situation We will send you a reply with our suggestions. Not all traffic tickets are worth fighting, but until you ask, you won’t know if yours is or not. We will also provide you with our flat fee to resolve your ticket. No matter how many times we must appear in court or how many hours we spend working your case, that will not change. You will never receive a bill for hours spent or surprise fees.  

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