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Although taxicab drivers are not required to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) like truckers, bus drivers, and those who transport more than ten passengers, they do share many of the same concerns as their CDL holder brethren. This concern is due mainly to the number of hours spent behind the wheel and their employer’s fears of increased fleet insurance caused by taxicab violations.

The price of fleet insurance for taxicabs is basically the same as other auto insurance with a group or family rate. Several factors affect the cost, such as the number of drivers, the age of drivers, miles driven, where the car is typically driven, and the motor vehicle driving record of the drivers. Therefore, many fleet managers and taxicab franchise owners develop a zero tolerance toward taxicab violations. Even off-duty moving violations that lead to a conviction can lead to termination.

Taxi drivers who have two convictions on moving violations within a one-year period face probation and suspension. Taxi drivers, just like any CDL holder, know that they must hire a traffic ticket attorney and fight all taxicab violations. 

This is an intelligent approach, one that all drivers should develop. Guilty or not, make the state prove you did what they said you did or didn’t do. Even a second minor infraction within an 18-month period could raise your insurance premiums an average of $500 a year, making the actual cost of your fine and raised premiums close to $2000 over the 36-39 months the ticket could stay on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). 

Although the number of accused drivers fighting their tickets in CA courts has risen in recent years due mainly to the outrageous fines and insurance rate hikes for even one violation, it should be a lot higher.    

The LA DOT & Taxicab Commission  

The LA City DOT controls and issues licenses for taxicab, ambulance, and bus drivers within the city, in addition to the requirements for a CDL,  they must apply for and maintain a Driver/Attendant Permit Application (DT 410). Along with the provisions of the CA Vehicle Code, taxicab drivers must meet the minimum standards established by the Board of Taxicab Commissioners.   

The Top Five Taxicab Violations

Anyone that has ever ridden in a taxi to or from LAX would likely not be surprised to learn that number one among taxicab violations is speeding. And, although a conviction for speeding from 1-25 mph over the limit can get a $360-380 fine in traffic court, the board of commissioners can add more penalties, including monetary to that amount. Number two is a failure to stop at a red-light or stop sign. Number three is following too closely.  Unsafe lane changes at number four, and finally, illegal U-turns. Several other taxicab violations include dress and appearance and LAX procedures only relevant to taxicabs that come under the jurisdiction of the Board of Commissioners.

In addition to the regular penalties for these five violations of the CVC, conviction in traffic court or payment of the fine can lead to additional penalties being levied by the board of commissioners. So, taxi drivers know they must consult with a traffic attorney about every ticket in hopes of getting it dismissed.    

Traffic Attorneys for Los Angeles   

Call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300, when you receive a ticket for violation of the CA traffic code. Although we cannot help you with any problems you may have with the taxicab commission, we frequently assist taxi drivers in LA traffic courts. Whether accused of speeding, driving while suspended, unsafe lane change, or an illegal U-turn, we practice traffic law daily. When we’re not in traffic court representing a client or negotiating a reduced or no-point ticket, we are in the office writing motions for dismissal, taking calls, and offering legal advice about traffic law. Don’t risk your driving livelihood by just paying the fine. Since we offer a flat rate per case, you will always know how much it will cost.

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