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Driving With A Revoked LicenseWhen your license is revoked, it can be a very difficult situation for you to handle because it will interfere with your work and other responsibilities you need to accomplish. Making the decision to drive with a revoked license could be the beginning of a downhill slide into a desperate, homeless life in CA. To many people, that may sound melodramatic or exaggerated, but the statistics show that many drivers who continue to drive with a revoked license also lose their job and it can cost many thousands of dollars in fines. And, without a job, that downward spiral continues until they hit rock bottom. Most times, the only hope they have is to scrape together enough money to hire a traffic ticket defender to help get those charges dismissed, get their job back, and get their lives back on track.

Still too dramatic? Read on.

How Did My License Get Revoked?

Most people do not even realize there is a difference between a suspended license and a revoked license. In CA, a suspension, say for too many Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points, usually four points within a twelve-month period, six in 24 months, or eight within 36 months is too many, but the suspension only last for a certain amount of time and then you can apply for reinstatement and pay the fee to get your DL activated. However, a DL revocation means your DL is canceled and you must submit a request for an investigation to determine if you are eligible to get another license.

A license revocation is not like a suspension where one single action caused your revocation or even an accumulation of points led to it, but it could happen. For instance, driving with no auto insurance and you were involved in a serious accident, repeated DUI or reckless driving, and/ or a combination of several violations, and the judge could revoke your license.

You need to understand that in most cases when a license is revoked it is because the driver is unsafe. Whether yours was revoked for DUI, reckless driving, or an accumulation of other reasons, the judge saw you as an unsafe driver and a risk to the public.

Daily Driving on Highway 395 in Mono County

You may need to get to work and to the grocery store. This will not be easy in Mono County, unlike in LA where you can get a taxi just about any time or take the bus. And, there’s usually a grocery store within walking distance, that is not so in Mono County.

When your license is revoked, you need to make other arrangements for a ride or take public transportation. To get to where you need to go, you may have to switch jobs, join a carpool, or have another driver take you shopping. Whatever it takes to keep from driving with a revoked license. If you plan to drive daily on Highway 395 or any roadway in Mono County, you will eventually be caught, and then, you will face even more problems. Just one incident of driving with a revoked license could cost thousands of dollars and keep you from getting your license back for another year or more.

A Day in Bridgeport Courthouse

The courthouse at Bridgeport on Main Street in Mono County was built in 1880 and is listed on the Historic Register. It is a two and a half story building that has beautiful architecture on the outside but can be very hot and imposing on the inside. It is a nice place to visit, but a hot sweaty place to spend the day.

If you get caught driving in Mono County with a revoked license, you will likely spend a day in the Bridgeport Courthouse or hire a traffic ticket attorney to represent you. If, however, you wish to go it on your own, the Bridgeport Courthouse is where you will receive further instructions about how to go about pleading not guilty or paying your fine. You will be able to present your case to the judge, but traffic court even in Mono County is not like other courts.

The traffic courts you see on TV where everyone seems to have time to state their case and tell the judge why you were driving with a revoked license is far removed from reality. You will likely get about two or three minutes to tell the judge what happened, so you should rehearse what you are going to say. However, if you look at what you are risking in fines and further suspension/revocation, you should hire an attorney.

Hire a Local Mono County Lawyer

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