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Will I Lose My License For Speeding 100-MPH

What Are the Penalties for Speeding over 100 Mph?

Speeding 100+ mph in California can lead to more than $900 dollars in fines minimum and up to $2600 total before the increased cost of auto insurance. It is considered a two-point major traffic infraction that will stay on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for seven years. In addition, unlike many other speeding tickets in California, you can lose your license for 30 days even as a first-time offender and there is a mandatory court appearance by you or your attorney.

Is it Difficult to Get Insurance after Speeding 100+ Mph Conviction?

Although you likely won’t read it in any official document, after being convicted of speeding 100+ mph, you will find it very difficult to get insurance and what you will find is financially prohibitive.

Your current insurance provider must honor the current contract and cannot raise your premium during the contract period, but when it comes up for renewal, you will be assigned a higher risk and a much higher auto insurance premium if they will consider insuring you again. This rate increase is likely to be double or even triple what you are currently paying. Since it is mandatory to have the minimum 15/30/5* coverage on your registered vehicle, they know they can charge you that much higher rate because of your higher risk category. It would be wise to start shopping around for insurance before your current policy expires so you will know how much to budget.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348 (b), Speed Laws

Within CVC 22348 (b), Speed Laws the state describes the penalties for speeding 100+ mph stating, “A person who drives a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than 100 miles per hour is guilty of an infraction…”

First Offense Speeding 100+ Mph

For the first offense or more than three years after your last convictions, your base fine upon conviction will be $500. Then, the state will add a state penalty assessment of 100% of the base fine, another $500, a 20% state surcharge or $100, a DNA ID penalty of $4 for every $10, another $200, a state court construction penalty of $5 for every $10 or $250, Emergency Services (EMS) fees of $2 for every $10, another $100, a county assessment of $7 per every $10, or $350, EM Air Transport of $4, a court operations assessment $40, a conviction assessment $35, and a night court assessment of $1, whether you use night court or not.

The total could be according to these numbers $1580; however, every county is a little different, as is every judge. Some judges will add $100 for 1 mph over 100 mph. In Kern and Kings Counties that is usually the case. Likewise, those county traffic court judges will normally suspend your license for 30 days after a conviction.

Speeding 100+ Mph Second Offense

A second offense of speeding 100+ mph within three years of the first will cost you a base fine of $750, so when you add the surcharges, penalties, and assessments, around $3080.

Third Offense Speeding 100+ Mph

Third or more offenses within five years of the first two will receive a base fine of $1000 or more than $4000. Can you really afford the thrill of speeding 100+ mph?

If you received a ticket for speeding over 100 mph, call Bigger & Harman immediately.

Hire a Mono County Traffic Attorney

Even though most speeding 100+ mph tickets are issued on I-5 between LAX and San Francisco, normally in rental cars, the second highest number in the state is in the southeast portion of the state, in the Mojave Desert region and the Sierra Nevada Valley near Inyo County or Barstow. Something about the wide-open freeways in these areas allows drivers to step down on the gas harder than they should. Those drivers in rental cars on I-5 are usually from out of state and don’t realize how much a CA traffic ticket can cost, but it’s difficult to understand those Californians who know full-well how much it will cost them.

When you get ticketed in Mono County, call Bigger & Harman for a no cost, no obligation phone dialogue about your circumstances and how you got the ticket. Many traffic tickets are dismissed for improper procedures and technicalities the public is not aware of and because Bigger & Harman, APC and their associates spend nearly every working day in traffic courts such as the ones in Mammoth and Bridgeport, they know those technicalities and how to obtain a dismissal if one is possible.

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*15/30/5 is the minimum liability coverage allowed in the state of CA, $15,000 bodily injury or death per person, $30,000 bodily injury or death per accident, and $5,000 property damage per accident. However, it is wise to carry a lot more than that because of increased medical bills and the price of the car is usually well above those figures and the policyholder is responsible for the rest.

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