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Should I-Fight A Cell Phone TicketIn 2016, the California Legislature enacted a new cell phone law. Before you pick up your cell phone to text or make a call, you should get familiar with the Assembly Bill that restricts cell phone usage while driving. The new mobile phone law is known as AB-1785 and now CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 23123.5, Use of Communication Devices while Driving.

CA Assembly Bill (AB) 1785

CA Governor Jerry Brown signed AB-1785 into law on 26 September 2016, restricting the use of a cell phone while driving and it took effect on January 1, 2017. The law prohibits “distracted driving.” This law makes it illegal for a driver to "hold or operate" a mobile phone or other communications device for any reason while operating a vehicle.

However, the law is not without exceptions, and should you find that you receive a cell phone ticket, it's equally important to understand the exceptions in AB-1785, For example, when a phone gets mounted on a windshield or dashboard, it is acceptable to use a cell phone when the action only requires a single swipe or tap of a driver's finger. In addition, you may use a cell phone or other communications device while driving in case of an emergency.

CVC 23123.5, & Cell Phone Tickets

There is a notable difference in the utilization of a cell phone needed for texting, making or receiving a call versus the use of a mobile phone required to utilize a navigation app for directions, and the exception to the new law is a legal attempt to acknowledge this distinction. Nonetheless, it's not without a caveat and that means even a single swipe or tap action requires that the device must be mounted or part of the vehicles in-system devices.

Additionally, the exception, which allows for a single finger swipe or tap when a cell device gets attached to the windshield or dashboard, allows drivers to make or respond to calls and texts, so long as drivers utilize the hands-free function of a device.

CA drivers who violate the new cell phone law could receive a cell phone ticket just for picking up the phone while driving. Although a first-time offender will receive a $20 base fine, the actual cost of the ticket will be around $150 and subsequent convictions will cost closer to $250. Therefore, carefully consider utilizing the hands-free function of your cell phone, and securely attach your device before driving to avoid a citation.

Mount the Phone on the Dashboard to Avoid a Cell Phone Ticket

Go to one of those outlet stores in the mall and buy a $15-20 mounting device and put your phone in it before you start driving. The intent of the AB-1785 and CVC 23123.5 is not to prevent the driver from using communication devices and the benefit provided by smartphones including GPS direct-finder, but to make CA roadways safer through conscientious use of such devices and that is hands-free.

Another exception to the new law is that anyone 18 years old or younger cannot use even a hands-free device without risking a cell phone ticket. The new law makes it illegal for a driver 18 or under to use a cell phone while driving. The thought is these inexperienced drivers should devote 100 percent of their attention to driving.

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