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Everyone has made mistakes when it comes to driving. Not intentionally done but it’s easy to slow down at a stop sign and just roll through without coming to a complete stop. In the state of California stop sign tickets have doubled within the past ten years. The base fine for a stop sign ticket is $35 across the state and has been for the last two decades.

The uniform base fine is established by the State Legislature; however, over the last ten years, they have approved state surcharges, assessments, and fees and allowed counties to establish additional fees to support wildlife preserves, court construction, DNA identification funds, and even a surcharge for night court, whether you use it or not. So now, the stop sign ticket that costs you $120 dollars just ten years ago, will cost you $230-250 depending on which county you are convicted. In addition, that moving violation conviction on your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) will cost you way more in increased insurance cost over the three years it will remain on your MVR than the cost of the ticket.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22450, Special Stops Required

CVC 22450 requires, “The driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection shall stop at a limit line…”

To prevent getting a stop sign ticket you should follow the rules/laws listed below:

· Stop at the limit line or before entering the crosswalk of an intersection

· If approaching stop sign at a railroad track stop before crossing the first track or entrance to railroad grade crossing

· A local authority can adopt rules and regulations by ordinance under their jurisdiction to enhance traffic safety; however, a sign must be posted to give the driver ample time to react

The “California Stop”

Almost everywhere in the USA, when you roll through a stop sign or red-light, it is known as a California Stop. This type of “stop” is illegal and may get you a stop sign ticket. It may be difficult for a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer to know for sure when they observe a non-stop if they are not directly behind the vehicle. However, it may depend on what position the CHP or other law enforcement officer (LEO) was in relation to a vehicle to see if the driver came to a complete legal stop or not. Although LEOs are trained on viewing traffic violations, everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, once you receive a stop sign ticket it is your word against the LEO’s.

Fight the Ticket with a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

When you receive a stop sign ticket you should consult a traffic ticket lawyer. When it is your word against the LEO’s, it is best to have a traffic ticket lawyer help you with your case. The answers to these questions may assist you to decide whether you should fight the stop sign ticket or just pay the fine.

1. Do you know exactly how fast you were going?

2. Do you frequent the area where you received the ticket much?

3. Was the sign obscured or removed by vandals?

4. Was the limit line faded or obscured?

5. Was it a newly installed stop sign? This is a favorable defense because if you travel this road to and from work every day you get used to stopping in the same places for the same stop signs.

Taking pictures of the area where you were stopped would also help with your testimony. Pictures and diagrams are always helpful.

To better assist in this situation, you may choose to hire a lawyer because they already know the system, laws, and regulations. An attorney that only practices traffic law is in traffic court on an almost daily basis and they know what arguments have won favor with the judge and what just won’t work.

Hire a Local Bakersfield Traffic Ticket Defender

If you wish to fight a stop sign ticket or any traffic ticket, call Bigger & Harman and get free legal advice on the phone. Bigger & Harman are Central Valley traffic ticket defenders who represent clients in traffic court to get the charges dismissed or convert it to a lesser charge with a smaller fine and in some cases, no NOTS points.

Despite their main office being is in Bakersfield in Kern County, they make appearances and have fellow attorneys across Central Valley and parts of SoCal. They represent traffic ticket clients in traffic court on a near daily basis in Riverside, Indio, Moreno Valley, Mojave, Ridgecrest, Hanford, Porterville and many more.

Call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300 to discuss your situation or email:

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