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How Will A Speeding Ticket Effect My Auto InsuranceAutomobile Insurance Premiums in California

An automobile insurance premium is the amount of money you pay to a select insurance company for active coverage. Therefore, if you want to keep your vehicle covered and protected with insurance (CA has a mandatory minimum coverage law), you need to pay your insurance premium.

For example, if you live in Los Angeles, CA your premium would be high because it is a very busy city. But, if you lived in a city like Shafter, CA it wouldn't be as expensive because it is a smaller town. Insurance companies look at a lot of different variables besides where you live when determining how much you will pay for coverage. They look at your age, gender, marital status, and your driving record. If you already have previous tickets on your record, your premium will go up with every added conviction.

You should consider ordering your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) to ensure everything noted is correct or has not stayed too long on your record. Your insurance premium depends a great deal on the accuracy of your MVR. It only makes sense to ensure it is correct and up-to-date. You can request your MVR from DMV using an INF 170, Request for Record Information.

Over 100 MPH Speeding Ticket

If you are pulled over for speeding over 100 MPH in California, it is a 2-point traffic violation. There is one HUGE difference between speeding tickets given for speeding over 100 MPH and any other speeding ticket. If you are caught speeding and your speed was over 100 MPH, you could receive a 30-day license suspension. In Lamont, the closest court to Bakersfield, if you are convicted the judge will ask you, “Do you have your license with you? If so surrender it to the bailiff. Your license is suspended for 30 days.” Many traffic commissioners in SoCal are taking up the same position.

Need a Traffic Defense Attorney?

When you need legal representation for a traffic ticket because you were going more than 100 mph or another speeding ticket, call Bigger & Harman. After receiving a speeding ticket, you need the services of a traffic court attorney that will fight to keep your money in your pocket by presenting your case from a legal standpoint. We do not distract ourselves with other types of law. We do not do divorces, we handle traffic violations, only.

Call Bigger & Harman to make an appointment for a FREE, no obligation consultation with either of these southern California attorneys. Do not simply accept a ticket and pay the fine that could raise your insurance premiums over the next three years, minimum, not to mention the fines and points.

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