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sCan You Afford To Lose Your DL For 30-DaysIf You Lose Your DL or Driver's License

If you lose your DL it can make your life incredibly difficult. You cannot drive a car, so getting back and forth to work, shopping, and doing things with your friends and family will be tough. When you get traffic tickets because of traffic violations, one or two points are added when you are convicted of the violation. These points go against your driving record for a minimum of three years or attend traffic school. If you gather more than four points in a year, you lose your DL due to suspension.

Minor infractions, such as speeding, not signaling before you turn, running a red light, and others are one point, while more serious infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies are two points.

However, some violations of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) give the judge the ability to suspend your license for 30 days.

Causes for 30-Day Driving Suspension in California (CA)

One of the CVC violations that carries a 30-day suspension is speeding over 100 mph. The traffic commissioner in Hanford, CA has said that he believes in a 30 day suspension for over 100 MPH tickets. Therefore, if you are convicted of speeding while exceeding 100 mph on I-5, without legal representation, chances are you will lose your license for 30 days.

If you get pulled over and are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will face not only an arrest, but a possible suspension (normal suspensions are between 120 days to a year). You will be issued a thirty-day temporary provision that allows you to drive while your case is being examined but you only have 10-15 days to let the DMV know that you will contest your suspension.

And, do not try to evade the police officer or law enforcement (LE) officer, it gets much worse. How about imprisonment in a county jail for one year? Between $2000 and $10,000 in fines? If your evading is dangerous enough to rise to a felony, you could even be facing state prison for up to three years.

Kings County Court in Hanford

So, there you sit in Kings County Court. You thought you had it all figured out. There was no way they would find you guilty of 110 mph in a 65-mph zone. Your brother-in-law told you about a fool-proof, never fail defense for speeding. The judge had a different plan, he said, “A 30-day license suspension will go into effect on Saturday at 5 PM.”

Well, it’s Thursday so at least you can drive home, take a couple of days to find your brother-in-law, and let him know he will be driving you around for 30 days because he caused you to lose your DL, even though it was you driving over 100 mph. If only I had hired an lawyer.

In Kings County, just as in Kern, Riverside, SLO, Tulare, LA, or Inyo County and a few others in SoCal, call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300, for vigorous representation for traffic violations. Or email: to arrange a FREE initial consultation about you speeding ticket. Do not go it alone.

Sometimes officers are not free for court due to another assignment or another technicality could result in a dismissal of charges, if you have representation. Traffic defenders work in the system every day and have gotten to know what works for you and what works against you. Telling the judge, you were going 80 but so was everyone else is an admission of guilt, so don’t try that one. Bigger & Harman have disputed and won nearly 2000 traffic tickets in California courts!

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